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ASFPM is looking for your help!

Dec 29, 2014 | News & Views, What's New

is looking for your help!

A working group/subcommittee has been formed with members from
several committees, including Arid Regions, Mapping & Engineering
Standards, Mitigation, and Natural and Beneficial Functions Committees. The
focus of this group is to write a discussion paper regarding flood-related
riverine erosion hazards and we are looking for your participation! You might
think you are having a moment of deja vu or that ASFPM already made such an
effort. While a discussion paper
on this topic was put out by the Arid Regions Committee in 2010, our group is
looking to update that discussion paper with some of the many changes and
advancements made in this area of study over the past four years. Additionally,
we will be reassessing the conclusions and recommendations based upon many of
the lessons learned in light of several large flood events where flood-related
riverine erosion was the major mode of damage. If you are interested in being
part of this group, please contact Rebecca Pfeiffer, co-chair of the Natural
and Beneficial Floodplain Functions Committee, at