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Floodplain Managers face unique challenges in today’s changing environment. Because floodplain management is multidisciplinary and professionals enter this field from many various backgrounds, knowledge sharing, training, and access to valuable tools, resources, and peer partners is critical to success. Whether you work for a government agency, higher education institution, or in the private sector, ASFPM bridges those entities and creates a focus on floodplain management matters that matter most to you.

Professional Membership

Professional Membership with ASFPM includes Individual, Student and Retired and is designed to provide resources, information, and community to floodplain managers at all stages of your career path.


Partnerships with ASFPM include both Corporate and Agency and are designed to recognize these partners with unique benefits and discounts for their staff and at our various events.

By joining ASFPM, you also support our tireless advocacy for the communities you serve, helping to preserve a sustainable future for generations to come.



Individual Membership

Individual Membership is a voting category open to all professionals.

Student Membership

Student Membership is a discounted, non-voting limited category open to all full-time articulated students while they are enrolled.

Retired Membership

Retired Membership is a discounted, non-voting limited category for individuals who are fully retired from paid floodplain management work and have been ASFPM individual members for at least 10-years. This category also automatically retires any CFM to CFM-retired, with no more required CEC requirements or separate renewal.



Partnerships are all unique and we have different structures for Agency, Corporate and Chapter partners and differing benefits. Please email us for details and how to get the best partnership for your organization.



All members receive discounts on the CFM exam and renewal, webinars, special events and conferences.


Webinars, Training and Workshops

As a member, you’ll gain access to free and discounted webinars, discounted training at ASFPM’s Online University, and hear about  field-deployed programs around the country, so you can stay up-to-date on changing regulations, best practices, and tools.


Website Resources and Science
Members have access over 12 websites that have science and resources available beyond our main For Board, Committees, CBOR and Chapters, we also have special password protected resources just for leadership.


Member Profiles
Connect with your fellow ASFPM members through our annual member, partners and CFM directories.


Member Resource List
Our member resource list features directories, listings, and partner organizations that may be useful to floodplain managers.


The Insider

The Insider is our members-only newsletter covering the latest in federal, state, and local legislative news and featuring interviews with subject matter experts, summaries of key meetings, success stories, upcoming events, member news, and more. Published 6X/year.


News & Views

Delivered to ASFPM members and non-members, News & View has a
circulation of nearly 20,000. It engages a wider, more diverse audience and educates them on important floodplain management issues. Published 6X/year.


Events & Training Calendar

Members and partners can add their training, events, and conferences to the events calendar, as well as search the calendar to find programs of interest in their area.


Social Media

Join us on Facebook, Twitter, and multiple groups on LinkedIn, where you can interact with other floodplain management professionals.


ASFPM Association of State Floodplain Managers




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