Coastal Issues

The primary mission of the ASFPM Coastal Issues Committee is to support the membership by promoting education, policies and activities aimed at reducing the costs and impacts of coastal flooding, and protecting and preserving the natural and beneficial functions of coastal floodplains and the associated coastal ecosystems and the services they provide.
Coastal Issues Committee Contacts
Lori Cary-Kothera
NOAA-Off. For Coastal Mgmt.843-740-1243
Tom McDonald, Jr., CFM
City of Savannah912-651-6530 x1895
Coastal Links
In response to member comments and to facilitate information sharing and coordination between agencies and coastal floodplain managers, this page now includes a new section titled “Coastal Links”. The purpose of this section is to provide easy access to other web sites that relate to coastal management and coastal floodplains. Please use these links and feel free to suggest other links that may be appropriate for inclusion on this page.

Effectively Managing Coastal Floodplain Development : Model Bylaw

2018 Congress on Ocean Policy Report

ASFPM CRS Green Guide

Coastal States Organization

Digital Coast

Digital Coast: Coastal Storms

EPA Beachwatch

FEMA/NFIP Regulations

National Beach Nourishment Database

National Geodetic Survey

National Ocean Service

National Resources Conservation Service

National Weather Service

NOAA Coastal Zone Management

NOAA How to Map Open Space for CRS Credit

NOAA Office of Coastal Management

NOAA Tides and Currents

Pew Oceans Commission

StormSmart Coasts Network

TNC’s Coastal Resilience Tool

USGS Center for Coastal Geology