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In case you missed it: ASFPM’s “Vision for Implementing ICC as it Exists in Law Today”

Jul 12, 2016 | News & Views, What's New

A Vision for Implementing ICC as it Exists in Law Today

FEMA can make needed improvements to the Increased Cost of Compliance coverage under current law.

ICC changes are vital to effectively mitigate and provide future savings to the National Flood Insurance Program. This paper is the first of two efforts by ASFPM to promote more effective use of ICC. This paper discusses how ICC might look today if implemented consistent with current law and congressional intent.

Recommendations contained in this paper do not require changes in statute. The second effort will be an ASFPM white paper to look into future changes in ICC that may require new or modified statutory authority.

The ICC white paper should be finished later in 2016. Read the full paper here.