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FEMA Releases Flood Insurance Advocate Annual Report

Apr 22, 2020 | News & Views

The Office of the Flood Insurance Advocate released the 2019 Annual Report and Executive Summary which increases transparency and supports the ongoing improvements to the National Flood Insurance Program.

In 2019, five primary policyholder and property owner concerns or frustrations have been identified and include recommendations to address and resolve the matter. These include:

  • Improper application of an elevation rating using an elevation certificate
  • Loss of flood insurance policy rating discounts following a lapse in coverage
  • Confusion regarding the Group Flood Insurance Program
  • When a policyholder has received a “Letter of Map Amendment, Out as Shown,” limited refunds has been issued
  • When a permit is issued before a substantial damage letter is received by the policyholder, this causes a denial of Increased Cost of Compliance funds

The OFIA has proactively identified emerging issues requiring more analysis for 2020:

  • Rate Changes: Risk Rating 2.0
  • Elevation Certificate Requirements for Flood Insurance
  • Flood Insurance Disclosure During Property Transfer
  • Underserved and Socially Vulnerable Populations
  • Affordability of Flood Insurance for Policyholders as rates Increase

These fact sheets provide information on the Office of the Flood Insurance Advocate (OFIA) and resources to learn about components of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).