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CTP Program Launches a New LOMR Review Partners Program Training for 2019

Dec 20, 2018 | News & Views

In 2018, FEMA
approved the expansion of the Letter of Map Revision Partner Program out of
pilot status.

To help with the
expansion of the program, FEMA is offering a LOMR Partners Training Course at
the Emergency Management Institute. This course is designed to educate CTPs who
are interested in applying to become a LOMR Review Partner. The 4-day course is
scheduled for April 29-May 3, 2019 at EMI in Emmitsburg, Maryland.

Each potential LOMR
Review Partner applicant is required to attend the training course before
submitting an application for the LOMR Review Partners Program. In order to
attend the training course, CTPs must follow the steps below to complete the
pre-application process.

1. Coordinate with
your regions to communicate your desire to become a LOMR Review Partner

2. Complete the
eligibility questions

3. Complete the CTP Special Topics Course Interest

4. Attend the 4-day
training at EMI

5. Submit application
for LOMR Review Partners Program (Dates

During the
training, instructors and participants will:

· Discuss the
expansion of the LOMR Review Program

· List the
requirements of the LOMR Review Program

· Review the Grant
Application Cycle

· Compare and
Contrast the benefits of becoming a LOMR Review Partner

· Discover lessons
learned from existing LOMR Review Partners

· Review LOMR Review
Partner Application Process

· Explore digital
tools used during the LOMR Review Process

· Identify MT2 regulations related to Case
Process Workflow

· Identify
communications challenges associated to the LOMR Review Partners Program

CTPs interested in
the LOMR Review Partners Program Training course at EMI must complete the LOMR Review Partners Program Eligibility Survey. If the answer to
each question is “yes,” then CTPs will be directed to take the EMI Course Interest Survey. You must complete
both surveys to be considered for the training.

For more
information about the LOMR Review Partners Task Course and prerequisites,
contact Laura Algeo, national CTP program coordinator ( or Sean McNabb,
CTP program coordinator (