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FEMA Issues Q&A on Remote Claims Adjusting

Sep 28, 2020 | What's New

The April 2, 2020, Bulletin W-20004 provided FEMA guidance for adjusting National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) claims remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic emergency. For clarity and consistency of remote claims adjustment, FEMA developed the following questions and answers for the adjusting community.

FEMA’s review of closed remotely adjusted claims found that many policyholders were eager to assist their adjuster in adjusting their claim. The policyholder should receive, at a minimum, directions describing:

  • How to document a General Condition of Flood (GCF), as defined by the Standard Flood Insurance Policy (SFIP), and explain the process used to determine the GCF;
  • How to locate and measure interior and exterior water lines;
  • The importance of exterior and interior photos, including damaged and undamaged building and contents;
  • Building equipment and Contents Claim requirements – photo make, model, and serial numbers of major appliances, electronics, and other items of exceptional value;
  • That when removing debris, retain swatches of carpet, drapes, and upholstery of unrepairable contents. In addition, all materials that must be removed should be carefully photographed;
  • Why room measurements are needed and how to assist the adjuster in obtaining them; and
  • Why a claim may not be a candidate for remote adjusting and requires a physical inspection, if necessary.

See the full Q&A.