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National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)

Floodplain Management Requirements
A Study Guide and Desk Reference for Local Officials

FEMA 480
February, 2005



The responsibility for reducing flood losses is shared by all units of government-local, state and federal-and the private sector.

Fulfilling this responsibility depends on having the knowledge and skills to plan and implement needed floodplain management measures. The fundamental floodplain management program that most others are built on is the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

The NFIP provides the maps and regulatory basis for local floodplain man-agement. It is also the primary source of insurance protection for floodprone properties. Its success depends on the people responsible for administering its mapping, regulatory and insurance aspects.

This document can serve two purposes. First, it can be used as a study guide to enhance the knowledge and skills of local officials responsible for administering and enforcing local floodplain management regulations. It is also intended to broaden their understanding of floodplain management strategies that can be applied at the local level. Local officials and others can use the study guide to help them study for the exam for the Association of State Floodplain Manager's (ASFPM) Certified Floodplain Manager designation.

Second, the study guide can be used as a desk reference that you can refer to when specific issues arise as you implement your floodplain management ordinance. Guidance is included on how to handle many of these issues and information provided that will help you explain the requirements to citizens of your community. References are included on where to find more information or guidance on many issues. The FEMA documents that are referenced are available from the FEMA Distribution Center at 1-800-480-2520. The address is: Federal Emergency Management Agency, Attention: Publications, PO Box 2012, Jessup, MD 20794-2012. Most of these publications can also be can be downloaded from the FEMA website,

While any interested person may use this study guide and desk reference, it is written specifically for the local official who is responsible for administering his or her community's floodplain management regulations. Thus, references to "you," assume that you are a local official.

To open and review the Study Guide and Desk Reference chapter by chapter, please visit the Table of Contents.

To download a contiguous document containing all sections, please right-click here and select "save target as" from the option window. WARNING: This is a large file (12.8 MB) and you may wish to use a download manager.

This page was last updated on May 23, 2005.

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