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Association of State Flood Plain Managers

National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) Table of Contents

Floodplain Management Requirements
A Study Guide and Desk Reference for Local Officials

FEMA 480
February, 2005


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Adobe PDFTable of Contents

Adobe PDFUnit O: Orientation

A. Introduction
B. Study guide materials
C. Using the Study Guide
D. Acknowledgments

Adobe PDFUnit 1: Floods and Floodplain Management

A. Floods and Floodplains
B. Floodplain Development
C. Floodplain Management

Adobe PDFUnit 2: The National Flood Insurance Program

A. History
B. How the NFIP Works
C. Roles and Responsibilities
D. Community Participation

Adobe PDFUnit 3: NFIP Flood Studies and Maps

A. NFIP Flood Studies
B. Riverine Studies
C. Coastal Flood Studies
D. Shallow flooding studies
E. Approximate Studies
F. NFIP Maps

Adobe PDFUnit 4: Using NFIP Studies and Maps

A. Using FIS Reports
B. Using the Flood Maps
C. Using Profiles
D. Maintaining and Revising NFIP Maps

Adobe PDFUnit 5: The NFIP Floodplain Management Requirements

A. The NFIP's Regulations
B. Maps and Data
C. Permit Requirements
D. Encroachments
E. New Buildings in A Zones Buildings
F. New Buildings in V Zones
G. Other Requirements

Adobe PDFUnit 6: Additional Regulatory Measures

A. Taking
B. State Regulatory Standards
C. Higher Regulatory Standards
D. Flood Hazards of Special Concern
E. Environmental Protection Measures

Adobe PDFUnit 7: Ordinance Administration

A. The Ordinance
B. The Administrator
C. Development Permits
D. Inspections
E. Enforcement
F. Appeals, Special Uses and Variances
G. Records

Adobe PDFUnit 8: Substantial Improvement and Substantial Damage

A. Substantial Improvement
B. Substantial Damage
C. Special Situations

Adobe PDFUnit 9: Flood Insurance and Floodplain Management

A. Flood Insurance Policies
B. Rating Buildings
C. The Community Rating System
D. The Coastal Barriers Resources System

Adobe PDFUnit 10: Disaster Operations and Hazard Mitigation

A. Disaster Operations
B. Hazard Mitigation
C. Mitigation Assistance Programs

Adobe PDFAppendix A: FEMA Regional Offices
Adobe PDFAppendix B: State Contacts
Adobe PDFAppendix C: References
Adobe PDFAppendix D: Glossary
Adobe PDFAppendix E: NFIP Regulations
Adobe PDFAppendix F: FEMA Forms
Adobe PDFAppendix G: EMI Courses
Adobe PDFAppendix H: Learning Checks and Exercises

To download a contiguous document containing all sections, please right-click here and select "save target as" from the option window. WARNING: This is a large file (PDF, 12.8 MB) and you may wish to use a download manager.

Flood County, USA

Adobe PDFFlood Insurance Study (FIS) (Flood County, USA)
Adobe PDFMap Index (Flood County, USA)
Adobe PDFFIRM Panel 25 (Flood County, USA)
Adobe PDFFIRM Panel 38 (Flood County, USA)
Adobe PDFFIRM Panel 40 (Flood County, USA)
Adobe PDFDFIRM Panel 38 (Flood County, USA) B&W Vector Base
Adobe PDFDFIRM Panel 38 (Flood County, USA) Color DOQ Base
Adobe PDFEngineering Scale

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