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ASFPM Conference Proceedings

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2011 - Flood Risk Management: The Winning Ticket

Location: Loisville, KY
Author: ASFPM

2011 ASFPM Annual National Conference Proceedings E-Publication


2010 - Building Blocks of Floodplain Management

Location: Oklahoma City, OK
Author: ASFPM


  1. Issues with Dams and Levees
  2. The Practice of Floodplain Management - Techniques & Procedures, Public Outreach, Ethics
  3. Techniques in Watershed Management and Stormwater Management
  4. Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modeling for Mapping and Risk Assessment

2010 ASFPM Annual National Conference Proceedings E-Publication

2009 - Green Works to Reduce Flood Losses

Location: Orlando, FL
Author: ASFPM


  1. Modeling for Mapping and Risk Assessment
  2. Lessons from Europe - Levees and other Flood Protection Strategies
  3. The Practice of Floodplain Management - Public Outreach, Disaster Response, Procedures, & Ethics
  4. Green Strategies in Watershed Management
  5. Levees - Analysis, Management, & Safety
  6. Facing the Future - Climate Change, Resource Preservation & Sustainability

2009 ASFPM Annual National Conference Proceedings E-Publication

2008 - A Living River Approach to Floodplain Management

Location: Reno-Sparks, NV
Author: ASFPM


  1. Challenges in Floodplain Delineation
  2. Accommodating the Natural Functions of Floodplains
  3. Hydrology and Hydraulics for Special Hazards
  4. Levees
  5. Site-specific Examples of Floodplain Management
  6. Practices and Professionalism in Floodplain Management

2007 - Charting the Course: New Perspectives in Floodplain Management

Location: Norfolk, VA
Author: ASFPM


  1. Europe as the Vanguard: Sustainable Floodplain Management
  2. No Adverse Impact Floodplain Management
  3. The Effectiveness of Mitigation
  4. Flood Mapping
  5. Levees and Dams
  6. Coastal Issues
  7. Grass-Roots Efforts
  8. Management of Stormwater and Infrastructure
  9. Modeling

2006 - Floodplain Management Crossroads: Where Route 66 Meets the Rio Grande

Location: Albuquerque, NM
Author: ASFPM


  1. Location-Specific Floodplain Management Projects and Programs
  2. Hurricane Issues
  3. Natural Functions and Resources of Floodplains
  4. Flood Map Production
  5. Stormwater Management
  6. Data Development and Applications
  7. Modeling

2005 - No Adverse Impact: Partnering for Sustainable Floodplain Management

Location: Madison, WI
Author: ASFPM


  1. Integrated Management Approaches: No Adverse Impact, Sustainability, Watershed Management
  2. Location-Specific Applications of Flood Protection And Flood Plain Management
  3. Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modeling
  4. Protection and Restoration of Natural Systems
  5. National Programs and Policies
  6. Levees
  7. Data Development and Applications
  8. Flood Mapping

2004 - Lighting the Way to Floodplain Management

Location: Biloxi, MS
Author: ASFPM


  1. Coastal Area Concerns
  2. Management Issues In Floodplain Mapping
  3. Floodplain Management Policy and Alternative Approaches
  4. Natural Functions And Resources of Floodplains
  5. Location-Specific Illustration of Floodplain Management Practice
  6. Flood Hazard Mapping and Modeling

2003 - Lessons Learned: Gateway to Flood Mitigation

Location: St. Louis, MO
Author: ASFPM


  1. Site-specific Projects and Programs for Flood Hazard Mitigation
  2. The Floodplain Management Profession
  3. Community Assistance
  4. Flood-resistant Construction and Retrofitting
  5. Levees
  6. Benefits and Costs in Floodplain Management
  7. Data Collection, Stream Gaging, Forecasting & Warning
  8. Modeling and its Applications to Floodplain Management
  9. Use of New Technologies in Floodplain Management
  10. Flood Mapping Issues

2002 - Breaking the Cycle of Repetitive Loss

Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Author: ASFPM


  1. Analysis and Aftermath of Specific Storms
  2. Flood Hazard Mapping
  3. Applications of New Technology to Floodplain Management
  4. Flood Forecasting and Warning
  5. Hydrology and Hydraulics
  6. Damage Assessment, Damage Estimation, and Risk Analysis
  7. Modeling and its Applications to Floodplain Management
  8. Floodplain Management in Practice
  9. State and Local Projects and Programs for Flood Hazard Mitigation

2001 - New Trends in Floodplain Management

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
Author: ASFPM


  1. Protecting Natural Floodplain Resources
  2. Special Flood-related Hazards
  3. Watershed Management
  4. Techniques and Projects in Stormwater Management
  5. Structural Measures for Flood Hazard Management
  6. Hydrology and Hydraulics
  7. Applying GPS, GIS and other Technology
  8. Flood Hazard Mapping
  9. National Programs, Policies, and Initiatives

2000 - Floodplain Management 2000 and Beyond: A New Beginning in a New Millennium

Location: Austin, Texas
Author: ASFPM


  1. Sustainable Floodplains--Ideas, Plans, Projects, & Programs
  2. Regional Approaches to Planning & Management
  3. Experiences in & Techniques for Local Floodplain Management
  4. Local Mitigation Plans & Activities
  5. Preserving & Restoring Natural & Cultural Benefits of Floodplains
  6. Acquisition Programs
  7. Stormwater Management
  8. Coastal Issues
  9. Flood & Precipitation Estimation & Prediction

1999 - Planning Ahead: Reducing Flood Losses in the 21st Century

Location: Portland, Oregon
Author: ASFPM


  1. Local Projects and Programs for Planning, Mitigation, Acquisition, and Recovery
  2. Watershed Management
  3. Protecting and Restoring Natural and Cultural Resources in Floodplains
  4. Community Assistance for the National Flood Insurance Program
  5. Techniques and Projects in Stormwater Management
  6. Hydrological Forecasting
  7. Flood Modeling, Geographic Information Systems, and Simulations
  8. Flood Hazard Mapping
  9. Special Flood-related Hazards
  10. International Approaches to Floodplain Management
  11. Flood Insurance
  12. Federal Programs, Policies, and Initiatives

1998 - Times are Changing, Flood Mitigation Technology

Location: Milwaukee, WI
Author: ASFPM


  1. National Policy and Programs
  2. State and Local Planning, Management, and Projects for Flood Mitigation
  3. Applying GPS, GIS, and Other Technology
  4. Coastal Issues
  5. Mapping: Program Issues, Applications, and New Technology
  6. Acquisition
  7. Stream Protection and Restoration
  8. Flood Damage Estimation
  9. Post-Flood Activities
  10. Building Performance and Standards
  11. Program and Policy Evaluations and Issues
  12. Professional Activity in Floodplain Management
  13. Stormwater Management and Watershed Management
  14. Hydrology and Hydraulics

1997 - Floodplain Management in a Multi-Faceted World

Location: Little Rock, Arkansas
Author: ASFPM


  1. National Policy and Perspectives
  2. State and Local Planning and Management for Flood Mitigation
  3. Watershed Management
  4. Coastal Issues
  5. Lessons from Hurricane Fran
  6. Hydrology and Hydraulics
  7. Mapping
  8. Using Structures for Loss Reduction
  9. Using Geographic Information Systems
  10. Protecting and Using Floodplain Resources
  11. Evaluating Environmental Projects
  12. International Approaches
  13. The Practice of Floodplain Management

1996 - Coast to Coast: 20 Years of Progress

Location: San Diego, California
Author: ASFPM


  1. National Policy and Programs
  2. Multi-hazard Mitigation
  3. Multi-use Watercourses
  4. Local Planning and Management for Flood Mitigation
  5. Coastal Issues
  6. Hydrology and Hydraulics
  7. Modeling and Computer Programs
  8. Mapping
  9. Precipitation, Gaging, Forecasting, and Warning
  10. Stormwater Management
  11. Construction Techniques, Building Performance, and Data Collection
  12. Planning for, Using, and Maintaining Structures for Loss Reduction
  13. Conference Summary

1995 - From the Mountains to the Sea: Developing Local Capabilities

Location: Portland, Maine
Author: ASFPM


  1. Case Studies of Local and Regional Recovery, Comprehensive Management, Multi-purpose Projects, and Mitigation Planning
  2. Building Local Capability
  3. Public Involvement and Education
  4. Acquisition and Relocation
  5. Multi-Objective Management
  6. Watershed Management
  7. Natural and Cultural Resources and Environmental Compliance
  8. Mapping
  9. Modeling, New Technology, Software, and Techniques for their Application
  10. Floodproofing
  11. Flood Warnings
  12. Coastal Hazards Management
  13. Specific Issues in Floodplain Management
  14. International Perspectives
  15. Nationwide Programs, Policies, and Impacts

1994 - Nania: Comprehensive Watershed Management

Location: Tulsa, OK
Author: ASFPM


  1. Local and Regional Approaches to Floodplain Management
  2. Floodplain Management in Tulsa and Oklahoma
  3. Building and Construction
  4. Floodproofing
  5. Flood Control Structures
  6. Forecasting and Precipitation Records
  7. Modeling, Computer Applications, and Geographic Information Systems
  8. Water Quality, Erosion, and Sediment
  9. Policies and Programs for Flood Hazard Mitigation
  10. Funding Strategies and Measures of Cost-Effectiveness
  11. Remembering James E. Goddard
  12. A Vision of the Future

1994 - ASFPM Arid West Flood Conference

Location: Las Vegas, NV
Author: ASFPM


  1. National Weather Service Modernization and Association Restructuring
  2. Application of Muskingum-Cunge Channel Routing to Steep Slope Arid Arroyos
  3. Probabilistic Analysis of Arroyo Avulsions in Distributory flow Systems
  4. Stormwater Pollutant Loading Estimation: A Simple Continuity Model
  5. Stormwater Pollutant Loading Estimation: Using GIS and Master Plans of Drainage
  6. Natural River Management Concept
  7. Multi-Objective Flood Plain Use is Obtained Through Custom Flood Plain Management
  8. Flood Hazards and Flow Path Stability of Distributary-Flow Areas
  9. Tortolita Area Basin Management Study Alluvial Fan Improvement and Mapping Strategy, Pima County, Arizona
  10. City of Scottsdale, Arizona, USA Computerized Storm Water Master Plan
  11. Master Plan of Drainage Cost-to-Benefit Index (CBI) Analysis
  12. Probabilistic Junction Analysis in Storm Drain Hydraulics
  13. Updating the Rational Method for Peak Flow Estimation
  14. Floodplain Management in the Las Vegas, Valley
  15. Temporary Flood Protection for Subdivisions in the Tijuana River Valley
  16. Balancing Flood Protection and Habitat Preservation in the Mojave River, Victorville, California
  17. A Multi-Objective (M-O-M) Workshop Planning Process

1993 - Cross Training: Light the Torch

Location: Atlanta, GA
Author: ASFPM


  1. Plenary Addresses
  2. Flood Hazard Mitigation
  3. Multi-objective Management
  4. Geographic Information Systems and Other Digital Tools
  5. Stormwater Management
  6. Codes, Construction Standards, and Building Performance
  7. Administrative Techniques
  8. Project Engineering
  9. Erosion
  10. Nonstructural-Structural Interface
  11. Summary

1992 - Land Use and Flood Damages in Arid & Semi-Arid Areas

Author: ASFPM


  1. Introduction
  2. Data and History
  3. Planning and Management in Floodplains
  4. Debris Flows
  5. Structural Approaches to Arid Flood Problems
  6. Hydrology for Arid Regions
  7. Erosion and Channel Migration
  8. Mapping and Modeling Alluvial Fans

For Conference Proceedings from 1984-1992, please contact the ASFPM office at or (608) 828-3000.

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