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Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina may well turn out to be the most devastating natural disaster in the nation's history. The impacts on our society and economy has been dramatic, and will be felt for years.

Katrina was essentially two different disasters: first, the coastal destruction along the Gulf Coast in Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana; second, the failure of structural protection of New Orleans, resulting in the long predicted "filling of the bowl" in the city below sea level.

5 Years Later: Hurricane Katrina - Rebuilding New Levees - A USA Today multimedia project that looks at the lasting effects on the Gulf Coast and where we stand in 2010. Click on the interactive map to see photos, graphics, 360 views and videos on the levee system failure and redesign.  (NEW!  8/2010)
5 Years after Katrina: Can it happen again? - A USA Today editorial (NEW!  8/2010
Beyond Big Easy, a 'Faith Based' Approach on Flood Insurance - A USA Today editorial (NEW!  8/2010)
Recovery Following Hurricane Katrina: Will Litigation and Uncertainty Today Make for an Improved Tomorrow? by Edward A. Thomas, Esq. (8/2007)
Katrina Recovery Web Mapping Application - Outreach & Education on Flood Hazards from ASFPM and UW-SCO
Natural Hazards Center Hurricane Katrina Research Resource Page (10/2006)
NFIP Hurricane Season 2006 General Talking Points (04/2006)
Distributing Risks & Responsibilities: Flood Hazard Mitigation in New Orleans - Jameson Wetmore (3/2006)
The Federal Response to Hurricane Katrina: Lessons Learned (2/23/2006) & Lessons Learned Fact Sheet (2/23/2006)
ASFPM White Paper: Hurricanes Katrina & Rita: Using Mitigation to Rebuild a Safer Gulf Coast (9/9/2005)
Hurricane Katrina and the Paradoxes of Government Disaster Policy: Bringing about Wise Governmental Decisions for Hazardous Areas - Raymond J. Burby, Ph. D., FAICP (11/2005)
US Senate Committee on Environment & Public Works Hearing: Statement of Larry Roth, P.E., Deputy Executive Director, American Society of Civil Engineers: Evaluate the Degree to which the Preliminary Findings on the Failure of teh Levees are being Incorporated into the Restoration of Hurricane Protection (11/17/2005)
A Recipe for Rebuilding and Mitigation in New Orleans - French Wetmore (9/7/2005)
Video: Former Army Corps Gen. Gerald Galloway Calls for National Flood Plan - E&E TV | Transcript
2005 Hurricane Season "Stories from the Front" - Tales from ASFPM members, partners & friends (2005)
Association of State Wetland Managers National Policy Workshop Follow-up - Opportunities for Rebuilding After Katrina

Technical Resources

USGS Hurricane Katrina Impact Studies
US Army Corps of Engineers Hurricane Response Page
NOAA Huricane Katrina Images

Local News Sources

WWL TV - New Orleans | Continuous Updates Blog
WLOX TV - BIloxi / Gulfport
WLBT 3 - Jackson

Photo Resources

FEMA Photo Library
NOAA Photos

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