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Risk Communication

Maps provide one of the best ways for representing and communicating flood risk. As maps have moved beyond their familiar paper formats into the world of digital and web-based mapping, new ways of communicating flood risk have become available. This site is intended to introduce and educate us about the different methods and tools that are being developed to communicate flood risks. Methods and tools range from simple, interactive animations showing a flood event for a small community to a fully interactive map that proivdes new tools and data for a large-scale flood event such as Hurricane Katrina.

Animated Map/Visualization - Keithsburg, IL - June 2008 Flooding

During the month of June, 2008, Keithsburg, IL, which is located on the Mississippi River, received substantial flooding due to a levee breach after an intense period of rainfall in the region. This visualization uses aeiral photos to show a portion of Keithsburg at three different time periods: 1990, 2005 and June of 2008.

Visit the Keithsburg IL flood visualization

Interactive Map - New Orleans, LA - Exploring the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina

The Association of State Floodplain Managers (ASFPM) in partnership with the Wisconsin State Cartographer's Office (SCO) developed a web-based, interactive map to demonstrate online mapping of geospatial data associated with Hurricane Katrina. The initial focus of this internet map is to provide map-based information that helps floodplain managers and communities make informed decisions.

This robust application displays data from a wide variety of sources depicting themes related to the storm such as aerial photography, high water marks, levee breaches, inundation, and FEMA flood zones.

Visit the Exploring the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina website.

Animated Maps/Visualization - Bluff Erosion Risk on the Great Lakes

Coastal erosion is a serious and significant issue affecting coastal communities in Wisconsin. Although scientists have studied coastal geomorphology of the Great Lakes closely in recent years, this work often fails to communicate to a larger public audience and thereby stimulate a deeper understanding of the truly dynamic and unstable nature of many coastlines. Given both the complexity of the processes and the long time periods involved, many public officials, planners, and real estate developers do not fully appreciate either the inherent instability of desirable lakefront property or how some land-use practices may contribute to that instability. 

Visit the Bluff Erosion Visualization website. Explore the entire site to gain a better understanding of the cycle of erosion and various factors that influence coastal dynamics. To view the simulated bluff erosion that has occurred between 1956 and 2000, select the "3d Animation" button along the top of the website.

This project is designed to bridge the gap between scientific understanding and public perception by utilizing Web-based geovisualization tools and remotely-sensed data to present integrated and scientifically informed views of coastal erosion. We have built an educational website that utilizes geovisualization tools and techniques to represent dynamic coastal processes, allowing users to explore the factors that lead to coastal erosion. This material is aimed at both the general public and decision makers (e.g., zoning committees).

The specific problem addressed is recession rates of the bluffs along the Lake Michigan coast and how those rates relate to zoning setback ordinances in Ozaukee County, WI. More generally, this project demonstrates how remotely sensed data can be used to address local community needs, and how Web-based geovisualization tools can bring these data to a wider audience.

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