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Nonstructural Flood Proofing Committee

Manny Perotin, P.E., CFM
Senior Project Manager 
CDM Smith, Tampa, Florida
Randall Behm, P.E., CFM
USACE & Behm Hazard Mitigation, LLC

Committee Information

Vision: Provide homeowners, business owners and government entities responsible for providing services during flood events the educational information necessary to assist in the reduction of risk during future floods.

Purpose: This ASFPM committee advocates for the implementation of nonstructural measures to reduce flood risk, decrease flood damage and to eliminate life-loss. The purpose and intent of this committee is to educate residents, as well as local, regional and state governments on the effectiveness of reducing flood risk through engineered application of nonstructural measures.

Nonstructural Measures Defined: Those physical and nonphysical measures, which when applied to structures identified as being vulnerable to flooding, or those measures incorporated as programmatic floodplain management actions, result in a reduction in life loss and property damage. These measures generally cause no adverse changes to flood stages, velocities, flood duration or the environment in which the measures are implemented. The most common nonstructural measures are:

Physical Nonstructural Measures

Acquisition: removal of the entire at-risk structure(s) from the floodplain. 

Relocation: the physical removal and preservation of the at-risk structure(s) to a location outside of the floodplain.

Elevation: raising the first floor and associated ductwork of an existing structure(s) to an elevation which is at or greater than the identified flood stage.

Basement/Crawlspace Abandonment: the removal of the basement/crawlspace by filling, while relocating vulnerable utilities/appliances to an addition or to a higher elevation within the existing structure.

Wet Flood Proofing: through the use of water resistant materials, allow floodwaters to enter the lower elevation of a structure without resulting in property damage.

Dry Flood Proofing: typically relegated to nonresidential structures, this measure utilizes flood resistant materials to create an impenetrable barrier to prevent floodwaters from entering the structure. 

Non-physical Nonstructural Measures

Land Use and Zoning: regulations that prohibit the development or placement of potentially vulnerable structures within the floodplain.

Floodplain Mapping: the illustrative identification of flood risk through the portrayal of flood boundaries or inundation depths.

Flood Insurance: the opportunity for homeowners, business owners and renters in participating NFIP communities, to purchase federally-backed insurance coverage for flooding.

Emergency Action Plans: a detailed document which identifies flood hazards, risks and vulnerabilities, and encourages the development of local mitigation. The plan should identify the specific roles and responsibilities of officials for responding to a flood event.

Flood Warning and Evacuation Planning: the identification of at-risk population and the development of public alerts, evacuation routing and reunification centers.

Additional information on nonstructural measures is available through the links shown below.

Committee Work Plan

Adobe PDF2019-2020 Work Plan
Adobe PDF2018-2019 Work Plan

Status Reports

Adobe PDF2018-2019 Status Report

Adobe PDF2017-2018 Status Report

Adobe PDF2016-2017 Status Report

Resources and Links

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Flood Proofing: What it is and how we approach it as a committee
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