EMI 291 Training, Community Dam Safety, Preparedness & Mitigation, held in California

by | Feb 25, 2019 | ASFPM, News & Views

California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services and the California
Specialized Training Institute teamed up to provide training on dam safety, preparedness and risk
mitigation. Dam safety is no longer dam owners’ and operators’ sole
responsibility, but a concerted community effort of emergency planners and
managers, emergency service providers, land use and transportation planners,
community leaders and other community members.

best way to reduce, mitigate or eliminate flood risks resulting from dam
operations and dam failure is for the entire community to work together. They
have found that dam owners and operators can reduce the effects of a potential
dam failure by getting the community, state and federal partners involved. This
increases preparedness, reduces potential consequences, improves communications
and enhances land use planning.

EMI 291 course was held Dec. 10-13, 2018 in Rancho Cordova, California. It
taught 53 attendees how to work together through upfront planning. They learned
how to reduce risks and mitigate consequences resulting from a dam failure and
recover more effectively in the event of a failure. The goals of the course
were to teach about dam safety, preparedness and risk mitigation, and how it
relates to understanding risk, land use planning, dam failure consequences,
risk communication, preparedness and emergency planning, and response/recovery/mitigation.

course will now help dam owners and operators be better able to work
effectively with their communities, federal and state partners, maintain dam
safety and effectively prepare in the event of a dam failure or incident.

The course is normally offered at EMI, but through the
National Dam Safety Technical Assistance Program was offered via an onsite
delivery. How can dam operators/owners in other parts of the country take this
course? Through EMI directly or request a local/virtual delivery via the
National Dam Safety Technical Assistance Program. It is not offered online
traditionally, but through the National Dam Safety Technical Assistance Program
it could be delivered via a webinar.