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Exhibitor Agreement Form

Any party who registers as an exhibitor, upon completion of the registration form, payment of the applicable fee, and submission of company description (see sample at end of page 3) must consent to the following terms and conditions:



Exhibitor hereby agrees to be bound by the "Rules and Regulations" of the exposition. Exhibitor further agrees to adhere to and be bound by:


  • all applicable fire, utility and building codes and regulations.
  • any rules or regulations of the facility where the exposition is held.
  • the terms of all leases and agreements between ASFPM and the management or owners of said facility.
  • the terms of any and all leases and agreements between ASFPM and any other party relating to the exposition.
  • exhibitor shall not, nor shall exhibitor permit others, to do anything to the booth or do anything in the facility that would cause a difference in conditions from those previously approved by the insurance carriers of ASFPM, or the owner or managers of said facility, which will in any way increase premium payable by any of said parties, with such increase resulting from a violation of this section.



Booth location assignments will be made on a first come first serve basis. The exhibitor must have an attendant present in the booth during the hours when the exhibit area is open.



Standard booth size is 10'x10'. Backdrops and side rails will be decorated with cloth curtains. One skirted 8’ table and two chairs are provided without additional charge. Backdrops are 8' in height, and divider rails are 3' in height. In the area 4' forward from the rear background of each booth, display material may be placed up to a height not exceeding 8’ from the building floor. In any portion of the booth beyond 4' from the rear background of the booth, all parts of the exhibits shall be placed not to exceed 4' from the building floor. Exhibits may be prohibited, which do not conform to the specifications, or which in design, operation or otherwise, are objectionable in the opinion of ASFPM and the management of said facility.



Floor coverings are required for the exhibit hall, and are not included with your booth order. Our exhibit hall contractor, Valley Expo, will have carpeting available for advance ordering at a reduced rate. Information for ordering will be sent to your listed contact person. If you do not wish to order carpeting from Valley Expo, you are required to bring your own floor covering. After booth set up, if you do not have floor covering in your booth, you will be charged for carpeting by Valley Expo.



Booth equipment provided by ASFPM (table, chairs, wastebasket, identification sign, pipe and drape) shall be returned at the end of the term herein, complete and in good and working condition subject to normal wear and tear. Exhibitor shall have no right, title or interest in such equipment, but only the right to use it under this agreement. All other equipment shall be provided by exhibitor at their own expense. All draping and decorative equipment shall be in keeping with and consistent with all rules, codes and regulations, referred to under “Codes and Agreements” above. All demonstrations and displays shall be confined to the booth.



ASFPM shall have the right to exclude or to require modification of any display or demonstration, which in its sole discretion it considers objectionable. Acceptance of an exhibit by ASFPM shall not be construed as a promotion or an endorsement by ASFPM.



The exhibitor assumes responsibility for securing and complying with all applicable licenses, permits and approvals for the sale of merchandise and collection and payment of any state and local taxes.



Exhibitor shall not sublet the booth or any equipment provided by ASFPM, nor shall exhibitors assign this agreement in whole or in part without the prior written permission of ASFPM.



Only exhibitors shall be authorized to invite conference attendees to their personal hospitality suites in the official hotel. Company hospitality suites and private parties shall not be open during regularly scheduled hours of sessions, exhibits or other ASFPM conference functions.



This agreement shall not constitute a partnership, employer-employee relationship, joint venture or agency between ASFPM and exhibitor. Exhibitor hereby agrees to and does indemnify, hold blameless and defend ASFPM from and against any and all liability, responsibility, claims, demands, loss, damage, cost or expense of any kind whatsoever (including but not limited to cost, interest and attorney's fees), which ASFPM may incur, suffer, be subject to, pay or be required to pay, as a result of intentional or negligent act or omission by exhibitor or any of its employees, servants or agents prior, during and subsequent to the period covered by this agreement and the exhibitor’s presence at the exhibition. Exhibitor further agrees that ASFPM and its respective agents and employees and the exhibit facility shall not be responsible in any way for:


  • damage, loss or destruction of any property of exhibitor or
  • injury to exhibitor or its representatives, agency, employees, licenses or invitees.



ASFPM shall provide guard service throughout the hours that the conference is not in session, and shall exercise reasonable care for the protection of the exhibitors' materials and display. Beyond this, ASFPM, the show facility, or an officer or staff member thereof will not be responsible for the safety or the property of the exhibitor, his agents, or employers, from theft, damage by fire, accident or any other cause. Exhibitor is required to provide all insurances and/or policy rider to cover all booth contents and its employees and agents.



Exhibitor shall have the right to cancel this agreement at any time by written notice to ASFPM. If notice of cancelation is received by January 31, 2021, ASFPM shall refund in full any payments already made by exhibitor less a $100 service fee. ASFPM shall refund 50% of booth space cost on cancellations received between February 1–March 31, 2021 No refunds will be made on cancellations received after April 1, 2021. Under all circumstances, ASFPM retains the right to resell any booth space canceled by exhibitor.



In the event that the exposition is postponed due to any occurrence not occasioned by the conduct of ASFPM or exhibitor, whether such occurrences are by an act of God or common enemy or are the result of war, riot, civil commotion, sovereign conduct, terrorism or any act of conduct of any person or persons not party or privy to this agreement, then the performance of the parties under this agreement shall be excused for such occurrence to remedy the effect thereof, and in any event for the duration of such postponement. In the event that such occurrence results in cancellation of the exposition, the obligations of the parties under this agreement shall be automatically terminated and all rental payments made under this lease shall be refunded to exhibitor, less a pro rata share of expense actually incurred by ASFPM in connection with exposition.



Company descriptions are due to ASFPM via the online form no later than April 10, 2021.

An email reminder will be sent out to remind you of this date.


All exhibitors must be registered, paid in full and have submitted their company description with Point of Contact to ASFPM via the online submittal form by April 10, 2021 to be included in the on-site printed Exhibitor Guide. If ASFPM is missing any of those items by that date, your company will not appear in the printed Exhibitor Guide.


Company descriptions must be submitted using the ASFPM online submittal form.



Please follow this format closely when submitting your company description:

FM Approvals
Brian MacDonald
1151 Boston-Providence Turnpike
Norwood, MA 02062


FM Approvals, a member of the FM Global Group, is a leader in third-party certification of property loss prevention products and services, including flood protection equipment. Industrial and commercial companies across the globe know that products bearing the FM APPROVED certification mark, backed by more than 100 years of scientific research and leading-edge product testing, conform to the highest standards. FM Approvals’ worldwide presence enables the company to offer manufacturers a single source for certification and direct access to critical markets. The company’s globally recognized expertise spans more than 500 categories of products and services.


The Approval Guide, an online resource of FM Approvals, provides complimentary access to a fully searchable web-based database of the most up-to-date information about 50,000 FM Approved products and services that conform to the highest property protection standards. For more information, visit



I hereby agree to the terms and conditions set forth in the ASFPM 2021 Exhibitors Agreement.

This page must be completed and submitted no later than April 1, 2021.



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