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CFM® Stamp Guidelines

CFM® Stamp Guidelines

ASFPM Certified Floodplain Manager Program (CFM® Program)

Policy: It shall be the policy of the ASFPM to allow the use of the CFM® stamp by an individual certified by ASFPM or an Accredited Chapter in compliance as follows:

  1. CFM® is a registered trademark of the ASFPM, obtained in October 2002, which is only valid for CFMs certified under the ASFPM program.
  2. CFM® Stamps must meet the stamp specifications (design, size and content) approved by the Certification Board of Regents (CBOR). This stamp will show the certification holder’s name, certification number, and the title “Certified
    Floodplain Manager” with space for signature. CFM® Stamps can be ordered from ASFPM.
    The CFM® stamp shall only be used in the following situations:
    • to document a floodplain action within an individual area of expertise such as the issuance or denial of a floodplain development permit,
    • FEMA Elevation Certification Section G, or
    • correspondence, plans, or reports that document a floodplain management action.
    • The certification holder’s stamp signature and certification number may be placed on the document provided the CFM® prepared or directed and controlled the preparation of the written materials.
  3. The CFM® stamp may not be used in any unprofessional, derogatory, or frivolous manner which discredits the individual, ASFPM, or an Accredited State.
  4. No person may use or place a stamp on a document if the certification of the CFM® has expired, been suspended, or has been revoked.
  5. The affixing or imprinting of the CFM® stamp on a document shall not infer or imply that ASFPM or the Accredited State approves or endorses the floodplain management action. ASFPM and the Accredited States shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, special, or other damages resulting from any stamped floodplain management action.

Revised 10/3/2015

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