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9/16/2017 - 9/17/2017 
State of the Riverway Symposium
Location:  Spring Green, WI
Friends of the Lower Wisconsin Riverway

Wisconsin Riverside Resort
S13220 Shifflet Rd.
Spring Green, WI 53588

Click here for a list of places to stay. Perhaps stay at the on-site campground at the Wisconsin Riverside Resort.

Geared for a broad audience, including residents, users, scientists, managers, educators and students. The goal: to help develop an informed and engaged public that can best ensure wise stewardship of this very important ecological, cultural and recreational resource. There will be speaker-led presentations on the Lower Wisconsin River’s natural and human history, management, land use issues and user-experiences, an evening banquet with program by Curt Meine on riverway writings from a newly published “Driftless Reader”, Sunday field trips by bus or canoe, and a Friday evening campfire. Click here for more information.

Speaker-Led Presentations​: Click here to view the schedule

Mark Cupp - The Riverway and It's History.
Mike Mossman - Riverway Ecology.

​​ Science Sessions
Eric Carson - General Geology.
Dave Marshall - Oxbow Hydrology, Ecology and Management.
Ken Wade - River Hydrogeology and Pollution.
Jean Unmuth - Feeder Streams and Their Effect on the River.
John Lyons - Fish of the Riverway.
Sarah Johnson - Riverway floodplain Forests and How They Change.

Culture / Recreation Sessions
Timm Zumm - FLOW, River User Survey, Kids Don't Float Program.
Ruth Oppedahl - The I Heart Wisconsin River Trip.
Gary Engberg - Fishing the Riverway.
Meg Ziegler and Travis Anderson - Life of a Riverway Wildlife Manager.
Ferry Bluff Eagle Council - Involving the Riverway Community.
Lisa Hartman and Jean Unmuth - Camping on the Riverway - Sharing Experiences.

Evening Presentation
Curt Meine - "From The Driftless Reader: Voices of the Lower Wisconsin River.” Curt Meine will speak on the Driftless Reader scheduled to be published just prior to the symposium. He’ll focus on readings that relate to the riverway.

Free - Friday Campfire
$10 - Saturday Symposium (8AM-5PM)
$10 - Saturday Lunch
$20 - Saturday Evening Banquet & Presentation
$7 - Sunday Field Trip box lunch

Contact Mike Mossman at, or 608-370-1208.

Register here

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