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Association of State Flood Plain Managers Association of State Flood Plain Managers
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E101 Foundations of Emergency Management

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
273: Managing Floodplain Development Through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)


Hazardous Weather Preparedness for Campus (AWR-332)
Location:  Nashville, TN
Time:  8:30 AM - 4:30 PM 
National Disaster Preparedness Training Center (NDPTC) & Tennessee State University

Nashville, TN

Hazardous weather can strike anywhere in the United States. It does not follow state or county lines and does not avoid the academic, government, and corporate campuses across the nation. Given their unique environment and needs, campuses must understand and prepare for hazardous weather well before storms threaten their communities. It is the aim of this course to equip emergency managers and campus officials with the knowledge necessary to prepare their communities for a wide variety of hazardous weather events. Many academic, government, and corporate campuses function much like small municipalities with full-time residents and support staff and face unique challenges when dealing with hazardous weather. Hurricane Sandy is a prime example of the need for full-spectrum hazardous weather preparedness on this nation's campuses. Universities and colleges in the northeast had no experience in dealing with the impacts that hurricanes can bring and many were unprepared when the storm made landfall.

This eight-hour management level course will address all-hazards weather preparedness across multiple core capabilities, including "planning", "public information and warning", "community resilience", "long-term vulnerability reduction," “risk and disaster resilience assessment,” and “threats and hazard identification.” These core capabilities will be discussed in detail, giving participants the tools necessary to create their own hazardous weather management plans and increase their home agency's hazardous weather resilience.

  • Hazardous Weather Impacts to Campuses
  • Science of Short Lead-Time Weather Events
  • Preparedness for Short Lead-Time Weather Events
  • Science of Long Lead-Time Weather Events
  • Preparedness for Long Lead-Time Weather Events
  • Warning Dissemination & StormReady
Target Audience: Emergency Managers, Members of campus Incident Management Teams, Campus officials and administrators, those tasked with emerg. mgmt. duties, and students, particularly those with organizational leadership roles who are interested in contributing to campus preparedness

Prerequisites: It is recommended that the participants have a general understanding of the Incident Command System and the National Incident Management System (IS-100.b, IS-200.b, IS-700.a, and IS-800.b)

6.5 CECs for CFMs
0.6 CEUs
8.0 E/G IAEM Training Hours

Free, but registration is required.

Thomas Graham 615-330-2446

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