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ASFPM 2016 Annual National Conference Plenary and Concurrent Session Presentations

By presenting at the 2016 ASFPM Annual National Conference, presenters authorized ASFPM to display, show, and redistribute, without alteration, the presentation materials provided at the 2016 ASFPM Annual National Conference.

ASFPM has made available those Concurrent Session presentations that we were provided. Not all presenters chose to share their presentations with us. We will continue to add presentations as they become available from the presenters. If you are looking for a specific presentation that is not on this list, please feel free to contact the presenter directly (Participants List .pdf).

Plenary Sessions

Plenary Session 1


Eric Delong, Deputy City Manager for Grand Rapids, MI

Eric Delong Plenary Video

Kevin Shafer, Executive Director, Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District

Zero At-Risk Floodplain Development
Kevin Shafer Plenary Video

James R. Morris, Director, USGS Michigan & Ohio Water Science Centers

Floodplain & Water Resources Management - Opportunities & Challenges
James Morris Plenary Video

Moderator: Ceil Strauss, CFM, ASFPM Chair; Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Keynote Luncheon

Doug Plasencia, PE, CFM, ASFPM Foundation President, Michael Baker International &
Dr. Gerald E. Galloway, PhD, PE, Professor of Engineering at Glenn L. Martin Institute & Affiliate Professor at School of Public Policy, University of Maryland

Meeting the Challenge of Change: Implementing the Federal Flood Risk Management Standard and Climate-Informed Science Approach (A Summary Report based on Gilbert F. White National Flood Policy Forum 2015, Published May 2016)
Climate-Informed Science & Flood Risk Management: Opportunities & Challenges. A report on ASFPM Foundation's Sept. 2015 Gilbert F. White Forum
ASFPM Foundation Report Video

Plenary Session 2


Jeff Payne, PhD, Acting Director, Office for Coastal Management, NOAA

Tools for Building Flood Resilience
Jeff Payne Plenary Video

Roy Wright, Deputy Associate Administrator for the Federal Insurance & Mitigation Administration, FEMA

Tools for Building Flood Resilience
Roy Wright Plenary Video

Iain Hyde, CFM, Deputy Director, Colorado Resiliency & Recovery Office

Tools for Building Flood Resilience
Iain Hyde Plenary Video

Rob Moore,, Sr. Policy Analyst, Water Program, Natural Resources Defense Council

Tools for Building Flood Resilience
Rob Moore Plenary Video

Moderator: Larry Larson, PE, CFM, ASFPM Sr. Policy Advisor, Director Emeritus

Q&A for Plenary Session 2 coming soon

Plenary Session 3


Linda Langston, Director of Strategic Relations, National Association of Counties (NACo)

An Elected Official's Perspective on Flood Hazards & Resilience & NACo's Resilient Communities Initiative
Linda Langston Plenary Video

Mike Kline, State Rivers Program Manager, Vermont DEC Watershed Mgmt. Division

How to Incentivize Communities to Do Effective Mitigation while Protecting Natural & Beneficial Functions
Mike Kline Plenary Video

Harriet Festing, Director, Water Program & RainReady Center for Neighborhood Technology, Chicago, IL

Urban Flood Management at the Neighborhood Level
Harriet Festing Plenary Video

Moderator: Maria Cox Lamm, CFM, ASFPM Vice Chair, SC DNR

Q&A for Plenary Session 3 coming soon

FEMA Town Hall Session

FEMA Town Hall Video

ASFPM Annual National Awards Luncheon

Masters of Ceremonies: Allison Hardin, CFM and Jerry Robinson, PE, CFM

Awards Luncheon Video

Concurrent Sessions

* Indicates presentations targeted for State Floodplain Managers and Hazard Mitigation Officers

Concurrent Session A - Tuesday

A1: Atkins Showcase

A1 - Motor City Mitigation: Driving to a Better Tomorrow by Stacy Wright, AICP, CFM, Atkins; Michael DuPue, P.E., CFM, Atkins

A2: Restoration Techniques & Tools for Sustainable Floodplain Management

A2 - Mapping Multiple Benefits to Identify Floodplain Conservation & Restoration Priorities by Todd Strole, The Nature Conservancy

A2 - Floodplain Restoration with Large Wood: Opportunities & Practical Considerations by Caitlin Alcott, CE, CFM, Inter-Fluve; Marty Melchior, Inter-Fluve

A2 - Challenges & Solutions for Restoring Floodplain Wetlands by Marla Stelk, Assn. of State Wetland Managers

A3: Flood Insurance Changes & Challenges

A3 - Top Ten Flood Insurance Changes: What Every Floodplain Official Should Know by Rich Slevin, H2O Partners, Inc.; Dorothy Martinez, ANFI, CFM, H2O Partners, Inc.

A3 - Privatization of Flood Insurance by John Elbl, CCM, AIR Worldwide

A3 - NFIP: Impact of Biggert-Waters on Premium Affordability in NYC - Results from Two Studies by Dana Kochnower, NYC Mayor's Office of Recovery & Resiliency

A4: Coastal & Climate Change Risk Assessments

A4 - Hazus Risk Assessment of Coastal Flooding by Dave Shortman, GISP, CFM, CDM Smith; Troy Thielen, GISP, CFM, CDM Smith

A4 - Future Proofing Cities: the Next Generation of Master Planning by Andrea Garcia, Atkins

A4 - The Threat of Sea Level Rise: Best Practices for Community-Level Vulnerability Assessments by Karin Ohman, CFM, Michael Baker Int'l

A5: National Levee Safety Program

A5 - * The National Levee Safety Program by Steven J. Fink, PE, USACE

A5 - * State Hazard Mitigation Plans & the National Levee Safety Program by Jae Park, PhD, CFM, AECOM; Kathy Smith, AICP, FEMA HQ

A6: Community-Based Outreach Efforts

A6 - Empowering Smart Disaster Decision-Making through Smart Communication by Ronda Oberlin, CFM, Michigan Office of Emerg. Mgmt.

A6 - Improving Awareness of Extreme Storm Hazards, Stormwater Runoff, & Risk Reduction Strategies by Katy Hintzen, Michigan Sea Grant; Heather Triezenberg, Ph.D., Michigan Sea Grant

A6 - Getting Past the Tears: Communicating Stormwater & Flooding Issues to Frustrated Audiences by Malcolm Mossman, Bluestem Communications

A7: Modeling More than Just the Flood

A7 - * Bridge Foundation Mapping & Scour Analysis in Large-Scale & Emergency Programs by Rakesh A. Khan, PE, CWI, FDH Velocitel; James R. Billups, P.E., CFM, FDH Velocitel

A7 - Integrated Ice Jam & Sediment Modeling to Determine Flood Risk on the Muskegon River by Stanford Gibson, PhD, USACE - HEC; Mary Weidel, P.E., CFM, USACE

A7 - * How the California Drought Increases Future Flooding by Harvey Oslick, PE, CPSWQ, CFM, Wood Rodgers Inc.

A8: Mapping Changes on the Horizon

A8 - * FEMA's Flood Mapping Program: Opportunities, Enhancements & Expectations for the Future by Luis Rodriguez, PE, FEMA

A8 - NVUE Expiring Miles - The Effects of the NVUE Cliff on the NVUE Attained Metric: FEMA Regions I, V, VII & X by Jonathan Johnson, CFM, Atkins; Michael DePue, P.E., CFM, Atkins

A8 - Determining Accurate Elevations: Datums & Tools - Today & Tomorrow by Christine Gallagher, NOAA National Geodetic Survey

Concurrent Session B - Tuesday

B1: FEMA Showcase

B1 - FEMA HMA Grants and Updates by Kayed Lakhia, AIA, LEED AP, CFM, FEMA HQ

B1 - FEMA Floodplain Management Updates by KaRachel Sears, FEMA

B1 - FEMA Building Science Update by Dan Bass, RA, CFM, FEMA Bldg. Science Branch

B2: Ecosystems Services/Natural Capital in Local Floodplain Mgmt. Decisions

B2 - * Developing an Advanced Mitigation Program for Floodplain Functions by Hans Hunger, PE, CFM, Pierce County Public Works

B2 - Wetland Restoration & Floodplain Mgmt.: Making the Case for Integration by Marla Stelk, Assn. of State Wetland Managers

B2 - * Silver Jackets Supporting Surge Protection Through Living Systems by Jennifer C. Gerbasi, CFM, Terrebonne Parish Consolidated Govt.; Nick Sims, USACE

B3: High Class: Implementing the CRS at the Local Level

B3 - CRS Activity 510 Triple Crown: A Sure Bet for the City of Savannah, GA by David A. Stroud, CFM, Amec Foster Wheeler; Tom McDonald, Jr., CFM, City of Savannah, GA

B3 - Ocala, FL from CRS Class 8 to 3: Strategies & Lessons Learned by Sean R. Lanier, PE, CFM, City of Ocala, FL; Payal Pandya, P.E., CFM, City of Ocala, FL

B3 - Building Bridges: CRS Planning & Outreach on Cape Cod, MA by Darrin Punchard, AICP, CFM, Hawksley Consulting; Shannon Jarbeau, CFM, Barnstable County/Cape Cod Cooperative Extension

B4: State Mitigation Initiatives

B4 - * Illinois Storm Ready - Weather or Not: Collaborating a Culture Shift Toward Resilient Disaster Recovery While "Staying on the Island" by Loren A. Wobig, PE, CFM, Illinois DNR; Wesley Cattoor, P.E., CFM, Illinois DNR

B4 - * Flood Mitigation/Elevation Success Stories From Around the States by Roderick Scott, CFM, L & R Resources, LLC

B4 - * Nebraska Comprehensive Plans & Flood Risk by Mitch Paine, CFM, Nebraska DNR

B5: Dam Planning & the National Dam Safety Program

B5 - * Planning for Failure: The Necessity of Dam Failure Exercises by Jeff Henson, CFM, JEO Consulting Group, Inc.

B5 - * FEMA Training, Technical Assistance, & Research Initiatives to Enhance Dam Risk Mgmt. & Increase Dam Safety by James E. Demby Jr., PE, FEMA; Ann Terranova, MPM, CFM, AECOM

B5 - Flood Control Structures - Sometimes Neither Fish Nor Fowl by David Rubenstein, CFM, AECOM

B6: What's New in Communicating Risk?

B6 - 4-H Soil & Water Science: Helping Develop Our Future Floodplain Managers by Lori Gates, CPESC, CPSWQ, CMS4S, CESSWI, Christopher B. Burke Engineering, LLC

B6 - * Making the Case for Mitigation Using FEMA's New Tools by Sarah Devaney Ice, FEMA Risk Analysis Division; Christine Caggiano, AICP/PP, Resilience Action Partners

B6 - * The CERC Playbook: Tools, Not Rules by Sarah Devaney Ice, FEMA Risk Analysis Division; Kat Friedman, Resilience Action Partners

B7: City Success in Flood Forecasting

B7 - Forecasting the 2013 Grand River Record Floods by Jonathon Thornburg, NOAA NWS; Mark Walton, CFM, Michigan Stormwater Floodplain Assn.; Mark Sekelsky, NOAA NWS; Steve Buan, NOAA NWS

B7 - Applying Real-Time Rainfall to a Rapid 2D Urban Flooding Model in Washington, DC by Elise Ibendahl, PE, ENV SP, CFM, CH2M

B7 - Flood-Inundation Maps: Helping to Protect Lansing Where Three Rivers Meet by Cynthia Rachol, CFM, USGS

B8: Addressing Unmapped Areas

B8 - * 1D & 2D Advances in Automated Engineering Analyses: The Ohio & South Dakota Experience by Andy Bonner, PE, CFM, AECOM

B8 - * LiDAR FOAs vs. IFSAR FOAs: A Case Study for FEMA First Order Approximation by Thuy Patton, EI, MPA, CFM, Colorado Water Conserv. Bd.; E. John Loranger, P.E., CFM, Amec Foster Wheeler

B8 - DIY FOA for the CTP by Glenn Heistand, P.E., CFM, Illinois State Water Survey; Ryan Meekma, GISP, CFM, Illinois State Water Survey

Concurrent Session C - Tuesday

C1: Stantec Showcase

C1 - Levee Accreditation Life Cycle: Design with Community in Mind by Will Zung, PMP, CFM, Stantec; Anish Pradhananga, P.E., CFM, Stantec; Matt Hoy, PE, Stantec; Roger Denick, PE, CFM, Stantec

C2: Green Infrastructure & Floodplain Mgmt.

C2 - Green Infrastructure for Flood Risk Reduction by Kari Mackenbach, BCES, ENV SP, CFM, ms consultants; Lynn Mayo, P.E. CFM, AECOM

C2 - Multiple Benefit Green Infrastructure in the Great Lakes by Eileen Shader, CFM, American Rivers; Jonathon Loos, American Rivers

C2 - Park West Drain Green Infrastructure Project by Brian McKissen, PE, CFM, Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr & Huber; Joe Bush, Ottawa Cnty. Water Resources

C3: Thinking Outside the SFHA Box

C3 - Why ASFPM Should Change its Name by Harriet Festing, Center for Neighborhood Technology

C3 - Drumroll Please…Presenting the Very First Model Stormwater Ordinance for Illinois Counties & Communities by Brian Eber, CFM, State of Illinois; Emily Poynter Jenkins, P.E., University of Illinois

C3 - * Mapping & Regulating Fluvial Hazard Areas by Stephanie DiBetitto, CFM, Colorado Water Conserv. Bd.; Katie Jagt, P.E., CFM, Watershed Science & Design

C4: Resiliency Planning

C4 - Improving Community Resilience by Integrating Risk Modeling & Community Planning by Dana Bres, PE, U.S. Dept. of Housing & Urban Dev.; Mike J. Robinson, CFM, AECOM

C4 - How Do I Measure Resilience? Let Me Count The Ways by Jen Marcy, CFM, Atkins

C4 - Small Business Storm Preparedness & Resiliency by Deborah G. Mills, CFM, Dewberry

C5: FM Approval Showcase

C5 - The National Flood Barrier Testing & Certification Program by Brian MacDonald, FM Approvals

C6: Technology in Risk Communications 1

C6 - * Using Visualization for Successful Public Engagement for Flood Mitigation & Adaptation by Cara Pike, Climate Access; Juliette Hayes, FEMA, Region IX

C6 - * Silicon Valley's Marketing Playbook: Growth Hacking & Techniques to Leverage & Measure Flood Risk Mitigation Outreach by Janice J. Roper-Graham, ABC, PMP, CFM, Outreach Process Partners, LLC; Ed Laatch, P.E., DHS/FEMA, Federal Insurance & Mitigation Admin.

C6 - * Developments in Applying Augmented Reality to Flood Risk Education by Kingsley M. Allan, GISP, CFM, University of Illinois; Acton H. Gorton, Illinois Informatics Institute, University of Illinois

C7: Wave Analysis in Coastal Modeling

C7 - Model Setup, Validation, & Application: South Florida Storm Surge Study by Ashley Kauppila, PE, Taylor Engineering

C7 - GeoCoastal: CSHORE Tools for Accessing Shoreline Response to Coastal Hazards by Gib Jones, PE, CFM, Dewberry

C7 - Methodology to Determine Process-Based Total Water Level Profiles in Areas Dominated by Wave Runup by Darryl Hatheway, CFM, AECOM; Ed Curtis, III, P.E., CFM, FEMA RIX

C8: Partnering for Change

C8 - * What's New with the Cooperating Technical Partners Program: An Overview of New Program Updates by Laura Algeo, PE, FEMA

C8 - "It takes a Village" - A History of Successful Cooperating Technical Partnership in North Carolina by Tim Trautman, PE, CFM, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Svcs.; Tonda Shelton, CFM, North Carolina Floodplain Mapping Prog.

C8 - * USACE Modeling, Mapping, & Consequences Production Center - Inundation Mapping Standards by Alexandra Ubben, USACE

Concurrent Session D - Wednesday

D1: AECOM Showcase

D1 - TMAC Recommendations - CTP Perspectives on Challenges & Opportunities by Joe G. Fernandez, CFM, San Antonio River Authority; Carey Johnson, Director's Office, Kentucky Division of Water

D2: Local Restoration Project Successes & Lessons Learned

D2 - The "Art" in Floodplain Mitigation: Sculpting a Community Asset & Economic Driver by Jerry Hancock, CFM, City of Ann Arbor, MI; Patrick Judd, ALSA, LLA, Conservation Design Forum

D2 - Detention Basin Retrofits & Stream Restoration in St. Peters, MO by Josiah Holst, PE, CFM, HR Green, Inc.

D2 - A Sensible Approach to Flood Mitigation & Stream Restoration by Kevin Corwin, PE, PLS, City of St. Charles, MO; Todd D. Williams, P.E., M3 Engineering Group, PC

D3: Tools for Compliance

D3 - * Alabama Community Assistance Contacts: Automated & Interactive Process for Data Collection by Cindy Popplewell, PE, CFM, Amec Foster Wheeler; Corey Garyotis, P.E., CFM, ADECA OWR; Keld Madsen, CFM, Amec Foster Wheeler

D3 - * Region X Elevation Certificate Review Tool by Becca Fricke-Croft, CFM, Atkins; Scott Van Hoff, CFM, FEMA Region X Mitigation Division; Stephen F. Bourne, P.E., Atkins

D3 - * Region X Endangered Species Act Tool by Stephen Bourne, PE, Atkins

D4: Local Mitigation Project Successes

D4 - Mitigation Partnerships: Bringing Community Resilience through Grid Resilience by Mary Jo Mullen, PE, PMP, Primera Engineers

D4 - Flood Protection of Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants with FEMA Funding Assistance by Chris Koenig, HDR

D4 - Flood Event Analysis to Estimate the Avoided Damages Due to Flood Improvement Projects & Voluntary Buyout Program by Ataul Hannan, PE, CFM, HCFCD

D5: FEMA/USACE Levee Session

D5 - Help USACE & FEMA Meet the Nation's Levee Challenges: Current & Possible Future Directions by Jim Murphy, PE, CFM, AECOM; Suzanne Vermeer, P.E., CFM, FEMA; Steven J. Finki, P.E., USACE

D6: Real-World Risk Communication

D6 - * Successful Crowd-Sourcing Data on Storm Damage, Nuisance Flooding, King Tides, & Other Coastal Events by Wesley Shaw, Blue Urchin, LLC

D6 - Improving Flood Risk Communications: "Signs" of Changing Behavior? by Daniel M. Tomczak, CFM, CH2M

D6 - Best Practices from Community-Based Awareness Projects: Communities Increase Awareness of Flood Risk, Take Action by Vincent Brown, FEMA; Diane Howe, CFM, FEMA; Lynne Keating, CFM, FEMA

D7: Comparing 2D Modeling Platforms

D7 - The Importance of 2D Model Accuracy & Speed for Flooding Assessments by Reinaldo Garcia, PhD, Hydronia, LLC; Cameron G. Jenkins, P.E., Atkins

D7 - A Comparative Study of HEC-RAS 2D, TUFLOW, & Mike 21 by Murari Paudel, PhD, CFM, Wood Rodgers Inc.; Shyamal B Chowdhury, Ph.D., CFM, Wood Rodgers Inc.; Soledad B. Roman, Wood Rodgers Inc.; John Pritchard, P.E., CFM, Wood Rodgers Inc.

D7 - 2D or not 2D: Determining Floodplain Impacts Due to a Bridge Replacement by Rocky J. Keehn, PE, D. WRE, ENV SP, LEED AP, CFM, Short Elliott Hendrickson; Rebecca Nestingen, P.E., CFM, Short Elliott Hendrickson, Inc.

D8: Problem Solving Partners

D8 - * Texas Rising: Flooding in the Midst of Flood Recovery by Daniel Zell, PE, D.WRE, CFM, AECOM

D8 - * First Order Approximation Modeling: A Case Study for Usage in Arkansas by Lee Beshoner, PE, CFM, FTN Associates, Ltd.; Michael Borengasser, CFM, Arkansas Natural Resources Cmsn.

D8 - * Massively Modernizing "Legacy" Zone A's by John Sun, Stream Methods, Inc.; Janghwoan Choi, Ph.D., P.E., GISP, CFM, Stream Methods Inc.

Concurrent Session E - Wednesday

E1: Michael Baker Int'l Showcase: Back to the Future with Baker: Forward-thinking Solutions to Help Shape the Next 40 Years of Floodplain Mgmt.

E1 - Powering Up Mitigation Action: Innovative New Tools to Take Communities from Awareness to Action by Christine Caggiano, AICP, PP, Michael Baker Int'l; Pernille Buch-Pedersen, PMP, Michael Baker Int'l

E1 - Floodplains of the Future: How do we Prepare for Change? by Karin Ohman, CFM, Michael Baker Int'l

E1 - Leveraging Baker's Technology to Develop Flood Risk Assessments by Daniel Natale, PMP, CFM, Michael Baker Int'l

E2: Coastal Restoration Initiatives & Projects

E2 - * Conservation by Design: Promoting Resilient Coastal Wetlands & Communities by Brent Schleck, The Baldwin Group

E2 - Balancing Water - Retrofitting & Reshaping by Michelle Gonzales, CFM, Jefferson Parish, LA

E2 - The Colley Bay Story: Successful Implementation of a Living Shoreline by John Parkinson PP, AICP, LEED AP, ENV SP, CFM, Clark Nexsen

E3: Flood Insurance: What Every Floodplain Manager Should Know

E3 - * Flood Insurance: What Every Floodplain Manager Should Know by Andy Neal, FEMA; Joseph Cecil, FEMA; David Stearrett, CFM, FEMA; Bruce Bender, CFM, Bender Consulting Svcs., Inc.

E4: Developing Mitigation Project Options

E4 - Resourcing Flood Risk Mitigation Through Lycoming County, PA by Randall Behm, PE, CFM, USACE; Fran McJunkin, CFM, Lycoming Cnty., PA

E4 - * Vision to Action: Creating & Using a Flood Risk Assessment for Identifying Mitigation Options by Lisa Graff, GISP, CFM, Illinois State Water Survey; Brad McVay, GISP, CFM, Illinois State Water Survey; Clayton Ballerine, CFM, Illinois State Water Survey

E4 - * Residential Property Mitigation Alternatives to Elevation & Potential Flood Insurance Rate Impacts by Maggie Mathis, CFM, Dewberry; Brian Willsey, FEMA; Andy Neal, FEMA

E5: Life with Levees: Local Actions & Efforts

E5 - Leveraging for Levees: The Oregon Solutions Levee Ready Columbia Story by Sara Morrissey, Multnomah Cnty. Drainage Dist.; Colin Rowan, Multnomah Cnty. Drainage Dist.

E5 - It's 4th & Long: Do We Punt or Go for it with System-Wide Improvement Framework? by Dan Fricke, PE, LEED AP, CFM, JEO Consulting Group, Inc.; Michael Bash, EI, CFM, JEO Consulting Group, Inc.

E5 - Flood Risk Reduction: Levee Accreditation Case Study by Maureen P. Cissel, CFM, McCormick Taylor

E6: Building Resiliency Through Partnerships

E6 - * The Value of Open Data in Flood Loss Mitigation by Amy Gareis, MBA, PMP, CFM, HWC; AJ Dronkers, HWC

E6 - * Assessing Progress Towards Resilience: Mitigation Findings of the National & State Preparedness Reports by Alfred Bender, III, FEMA

E6 - * Engaging All Levels of Government to Identify Mitigation Actions & Enhance Floodplain Mgmt. at the Local Level by Caroline A. Cunningham, AICP, ABCP, CFM, Stantec

E7: Modeling & Mitigation

E7 - Leveraging Advances in 2D Modeling to Efficiently Assess Impacts of Green Infrastructure by Joe Chapman, PE, CFM, AECOM

E7 - Willow Creek, OH Flood Mitigation Study by Anil Tangirala PE, ENV SP, CFM, ms consultants inc.

E7 - Social Water: When 2D Meets Urban Flood Risk Assessments by John Covey, PE, CFM, Amec Foster Wheeler

E8: Strategies for Data Sharing

E8 - * Best Strategies for Data Sharing that Enhance Credibility of FEMA's Risk MAP Program by Vince Geronimo, PE, CFM, AECOM; Krista Bethune Melnar, P.E., CFM, AECOM

E8 - * Managing & Analyzing High Volume of Data? It's Simpler Than You Think!! by Suman Biswas, NiyamIT, Inc.; Andrew Ditmore, IBM

E8 - * Disaster High Water Mark Collection Here & Beyond: What We Learned by Susan Beth Wilhelm, EI, CFM, Oklahoma Water Resources Bd.

E9: States Focus: Mitigation & Floodplain Mgmt. 1

E9 - * North Carolina's Web Solution to the Community Assistance Program: State Support Services Element by John Gerber, P.E., CFM, North Carolina Emerg. Mgmt.; David Key, P.E., CFM, ESP Associates, P.A.

E9 - * State of Maryland Local Hazard Mitigation Plan Guidance by Mark James, CFM, Maryland Emerg. Mgmt. Agency; Virginia Smith, Smith Planning and Design, LLC

E9 - * From Destruction to Production: Flood Mitigation in the Appalachians by Carey Johnson, Kentucky Div. of Water; Jimmy Stahl, P.E., CFM, AECOM

Concurrent Session F - Thursday

F1: HDR Showcase

F1 - Levee Safety - The Middle Age of Levee Safety Development

Levee Safety Design - Living the Current Changing Regulatory Climate by Rodger Less, PE, CFM, HDR
Section 408 Submittals - The New Standard of Care by Mark Ohlstrom, PE, HDR
System-Wide Improvement Framework - Recipe for Success by Vicki Twerdochlib, ENV SP, PE, CFM, HRD

F2: Stormwater Mgmt. & Best Mgmt. Practices

F2 - Finding Higher Ground: Cross Jurisdictional Collaboration in Stormwater Mgmt. by Kelly Sherbo, J.D., Multnomah Cnty. Drainage Dist.

F2 - GIS-Based Stormwater Master Planning: Simplifying Stormwater Program Mgmt. by Gregory V. Murphy, PE, ARCSA AP, Calibre Engineering; Jonathan A. Villines, EIT, CFM, Aurora Water

F2 - Storm Water Mgmt. & Monitoring at Grand Valley State University: Progress Made & Lessons Learned by Peter J. Wampler, RPG, PhD, Grand Valley State University

F3: The Future of Floodplain Mgmt.

F3 - * It's Time to Throw Away the Three Legged Stool of Insurance, Mgmt., & Mapping by Jeffrey L. Sparrow, PMP, PE, CFM, Michael Baker Int'l

F3 - Is it Time for a Modern Definition of Floodplain Mgmt.? by David Mallory, PE, CFM, Urban Drainage & Flood Ctrl. Dist.; William DeGroot, P.E., F.ASCE

F3 - The "100-Year Flood": Shall We Start A National Discussion? by Andy Yung, PE, CFM, Walter P. Moore & Assoc.

F4: Risk-Informed Construction

F4 - Reflections on Flood-Resistant Design: What Should We be Doing Differently? by William L. Coulbourne, PE, AECOM; Christopher P. Jones, P.E., Coastal Hazards

F4 - Does Dry Floodproofing Work? by Adrienne Sheldon, PE, CFM, AECOM; Adam Reeder, P.E., CFM, CDM Smith; Manny Perotin, P.E., CFM, CDM Smith

F4 - See How the Wagner's Lowered Their Flood Insurance & Saved Their Home by Tom Little, CGP, CFM, Risk Reduction Plus Group / Smart Vent; Mike Graham, CFM, Risk Reduction Plus Group / Smart Vent

F5: Dam Removal

F5 - Boardman River Restoration: Flood Hazard Considerations on a Dam Removal Project by Dan DeVaun, PE, CFM, AECOM

F5 - * Michigan's Dam Removal Movement: A 20-Year Retrospective by James R. Hegarty, PE, Prein & Newhof

F5 - Restoring the Grand River for the 99% of Time There is Not Flooding, & 1% Flood Conveyance as Green Infrastructure by Jason Carey, PE, RiverRestoration

F6: Assessing Risk MAP Products

F6 - * FEMA’s Non-Regulatory Flood Risk Products: What’s Next? by Andy Read, CFM, FEMA HQ; Andy Bonner, P.E., CFM, AECOM

F6 - Infusing technology into the Risk MAP process for optimal stakeholder engagement: A case study along the New York/New Jersey Atlantic Coast by Maggie Mathis, CFM, Dewberry; J Andrew Martin, CFM, FEMA Region II

F6 - Watch & Learn: Risk MAP Goes Viral by Whitney Fuquay, GISP, CFM, Amec Foster Wheeler

F7: Regional Approaches to Forecasting Flood Risk

F7 - * New Flood Risk Products for Flood Forecasting & Warning System in Colorado by Shane Parson, PhD, PE, CFM, AECOM; Thuy Patton, CFM, Colorado Water Conserv. Bd.; Remmet deGroot, GISP, CFM, AECOM

F7 - * Iowa’s Bridge Sensor Rating Curve Demonstration Project by Jonathon Thornburg, NOAA NWS

F7 - Operational Storm Surge Forecasting: Real-Time Data & Decision Support Systems to Facilitate Early Warnings by Patrick Delaney, DHI Water and Environment

F8: Local Mapping Challenges

F8 - Of Doubts & Flooded Drains: The Artistry in Defining an Urban Overland Flowpath by Allan Gear, TMIEAust MPIA, The Hills Shire Council

F8 - Citywide Inundation Mapping: a Promising Mitigation Planning Tool by Steven E. Eubanks, PE, CFM, City of Fort Worth, TX; Jeff Whanger, P.E., SIT, CFM, McKim & Creed, Inc.

F8 - Floodplain Mapping Challenges in Small Watersheds with Flat Topography in Delaware by Janice Shute, PE, Delaware DNR & Environ. Ctrl.

F9: States Focus: Mitigation & Floodplain Mgmt. 2

F9 - * Federal Flood Risk Mgmt. Standard (FFRMS) by Chad Berginnis, CFM, ASFPM; William S. Nechamen, CFM, NYSDEC

F9 - * Managing Michigan's Floodplains & Water Resources: Permitting, Coordination, & Partnership by Joy Brooks, PE, Michigan Dept. Environ. Quality; Brian Rudolph, Michigan Dept. of Environ. Quality

F9 - * Open Space Re-Use in Ohio, the Good, the Bad & the Ugly by Jacob Hoover, AICP, CFM, Ohio Emerg. Mgmt. Agency

Concurrent Session G - Thursday

G1: Dewberry Showcase

G1 - There are Tall Ships & Small Ships, but the Best Ships are Partnerships! by Jennie Orenstein, FEMA; Duncan Hastie, PE, Dewberry; Sibtey Hasan, Dewberry; Sarah W. Murdock, The Nature Conservancy

G2: Watershed Level Mgmt., Planning, & Local Watershed Initiatives

G2 - Floodplain Enhancements for Healthy Living by Tom Smith PE, Prein & Newhof; Brian Boyer, P.E., Kieser & Associates

G2 - Watershed Considerations & Risk MAP by Tom Morey, RS, CFM, Kansas Dept. of Agriculture

G2 - GR Forward: Developing Multipurpose Flood Infrastructure that Creates Ecological, Economic, & Community Benefits by Scott Bishop, RLA, ASLA, Bishop Land Design; Jay Steffen, LLA, ASLA, City of Grand Rapids, MI; Tim Kelly, AICP, Downtown Grand Rapids Inc.

G3: Post-Flood Realities

G3 - Adverse Health Effects Associated with the Indoor Air Quality of Flood-Damaged Structures by Kimberly A. Hoppe Parr, PhD, GZA GeoEnvironmental

G3 - Substantial Damage = Substantial Crisis by Louie Greenwell, GISP, CFM, PRIME AE Group; Lori Rafferty, P.E., CFM, Louisville Metropolitan Sewer Dist.

G3 - * Cumulative Substantial Improvement: What This Means During a Disaster by Jessica Artz, CFM, South Carolina DNR

G4: FEMA Mitigation Project Application & Mgmt.

G4 - * Lessons Learned: Mitigation Project Benefit-Cost Analyses in North Dakota by Hilary Kendro, AICP, CFM, Atkins

G4 - * Phase & Forget? How to Move Phased Hazard Mitigation Grant Program Projects to Construction by Jordan Williams, CFM, CDM Smith

G4 - * Averting a Second Disaster: Leading Financial Oversight Practices in Mitigation & Disaster Grant Programs by Michael Herman, Ernst & Young; Matt Jadacki, Ernst & Young

G5: LAMP Project Updates

G5 - Congaree River Levee: Final Determination by Maria Cox Lamm, CFM, South Carolina DNR; Edward A. Dickson, P.E., CFM, AECOM

G5 - The Promised Land in Sight: Preliminary Issuance on a LAMP Study by Jerri Daniels, CFM, Dewberry; Matt Shultz, Dewberry

G5 - Adventures in Non-levee Embankments by Mike Seering, PE, CFM, AECOM

G6: Risk Communications

G6 - The Community Journey: Risk Communication to Mitigation Action by Kathryn Friedman, Resilience Action Partners

G6 - A Public Outreach Solution to Reducing Flood Risk: North Phoenix & Scottsdale, AZ Drainage Study by Theresa Pinto, AICP, PMP, CFM, Flood Ctrl. Dist. of Maricopa Cnty.

G6 - Flood Recovery Open House: Whole Community Collaboration for Future Resilience by Diane Howe, CFM, FEMA, Region VI; Kat Friedman, Resilience Action Partners

G7: HEC-RAS in 2D Modeling

G7 - Applications of 2D Surface Flow Modeling in the New HEC-RAS Version 5.0 by Derek Etkin, PE, CDM Smith

G7 - Carson River, NV: Integrating New Paradigms into a FEMA Physical Map Revision Process by Mitchell Blum, PE, CFM, HDR

G7 - HEC-RAS 1D+2D Modeling in the Santa Clara River Watershed by Joseph E. Thomas, PE, CFM, AECOM; Ed Curtis, III, P.E., CFM, FEMA Region IX

G8: Centralized Web Mapping

G8 - * Flood Risk Information System Water Surface Elevation Raster Datasets by Randy Mundt, AICP, CFM, North Carolina Division of Emerg. Mgmt.

G8 - * Streams at Your Fingertips: Access to Flood Hazard Data in Indiana by David B. Knipe, PE, CFM, Indiana DNR; Ray Rush, P.E., GISP, Stantec; Matthew Riggs, GISP, CFM, The Polis Center; Lacey R. Duncan, GISP, CFM, The Polis Center

G8 - * Minnesota’s Quick Pick Floodplain Model Viewer by Mary Presnail, Minnesota DNR; Bradford Hartley Jr., GISP, CFM, Stantec

Concurrent Session H - Thursday

H2: Int'l Differences in Water Resources Mgmt.

H2 - Toward Sustainable Floodplain Management: Risk, Room for River, China and the Dutch by Jessica Ludy, CFM, Arcadis; Lawrence Roth, GE, P.E., Arcadis

H2 - * Flood Risk Mgmt. Cycle: Catalyst for Guiding Agency Alignment & Improved Flood Risk Mgmt. by Kathleen Schaefer, PE, CFM, UCB Ctr. for Catastrophic Risk Mgmt.; Anna Serra-Llobet, University of California

H2 - National & Regional Levee Systems Analysis in the UK & Relevance to U.S.A. by Jonathan Simm, PhD, C.Eng, BSc, HR Wallingford

H3: Mgmt. of Floodplain Mgmt.

H3 - South Carolina Disaster Response from the Region IV Risk Analysis Branch and Compass PTS by Cheryl Johnson, PE, PMP, CFM, AECOM; Kristen Martinenza PE, CFM, FEMA, Region IV

H3 - * Let the New Elevation Certificate Break Your Bad Habits: Understanding the New Elevation Certificate by Del Schwalls, PE, CFM, Schwalls Consulting, LLC

H3 - A Unique Approach to Managing Multi-Jurisdictional Floodplain Development by Lori Ann Laster, CFM, Papio-Missouri River Natural Resources Dist.; Jesse Poore, AICP, CFM, Felsburg, Holt & Ullevig

H4A: Tools for Risk Assessments

H4A - Estimating First Floor Elevations to Achieve a Structure-Centric Flood Risk Mgmt. Program by Jerry Sparks, PE, PMP, CFM, Dewberry; Michael Buckley, P.E., Dewberry

H4A - Beyond the Map: Data Integration as the Foundation for Collaboration & Resilience by Michael Herzberger, GISP, CFM, Maryland Environmental Service; Tucker Clevenger, P.E., CFM, Amec Foster Wheeler

H4A - * Beyond Hazus: A Multi-Hazard Approach to Detailed Risk Assessments in Oregon by Jed Roberts, CFM, Oregon Dept. of Geology & Mineral Industries

H4B: Floodproofing & Retrofitting

H4B - * The Ups & Downs of Home Elevations by Kathy Hopkins, CTCM, CFM, Texas Water Devel. Bd.; Jeffrey S. Ward, CFM, JSWA, Inc.

H4B -Residential Flood Retrofitting in Urban Areas by Daniel L. Bass, RA, CFM, FEMA; Adam J. Reeder, P.E., CFM, CDM Smith

H4B - Dry Floodproofing a Landmarked Highrise in NYC: Perimeter Flood Shields & Below-grade Retrofits by James P. Colgate, AIA, Esq., CFM, Bryan Cave, LLP; Andrew J. Cinacia, P.E., LEED AP, Langan Engineering, DPC

H5: Breach Modeling

H5 - * Dam Breach Analysis with HEC-RAS 5.0 2D: Improvements to Accuracy, Outputs & Efficiency by Keith Weaver, HDR

H5 - * Improving Flood Hazard Identification & Flood Risk Communication: Lessons Learned from Dam Failures in South Carolina by Katy Goolsby-Brown, PE, CFM, FEMA Region IV; Kristen Martinenza, P.E., CFM, FEMA Region IV

H5 - * Dam Breach Inundation Software: Observations from Kentucky by Carey Johnson, Kentucky Div. of Water; Davis Murphy, P.E., CFM, AECOM

H6: Technology in Risk Communications 2

H6 - Using Maps to Build Coastal Resilience by David Betenbaugh, NOAA Office for Coastal Mgmt.

H6 - Community Outreach in a Digital Age by Mary Jo Vrem, FloodSmart; Kamer Davis, FloodSmart

H6 - Risk MAP Data Sparks Public Viewer by Nathanael Vaughan, PE, JE Fuller/Hydrology & Geomorphology, Inc.; Shannon Summers, CFM, Mohave Cnty. Flood Ctrl. Dist.

H7: Modeling Coastal & Inland Interactions

H7 - Coastal Modeling for Resilience: Taking Steps Ahead by Sibtey Hasan, Dewberry

H7 - * Incorporating Climate Change into Future Conditions Floodplain Modeling for Tidal & Riverine Conditions: A Pilot by Jeff Smith, PE, PMP, CFM, AECOM; Shane Parson, Ph.D., P.E., CFM, AECOM

H7 - Hydrodynamic Modeling of the Barrier Island & Tidal Inlets of Long Beach, Long Island by Daniel Stapleton, P.E., GZA GeoEnvironmental Inc.

H8: Streamlining the LOMC Process

H8 - Advancements in MT-1 Processing: What Submitters Need to Know by Daniel Natale, PMP, CFM, Michael Baker Int'l

H8 - Receive Your LOMR in a Day? by Manas J. Borah, PhD, PE, CFM, AECOM; Benjamin Kaiser, P.E., CFM, AECOM

H8 - I-57 & I-294 Interchange - Conditional Letter of Map Revision for Floodway Relocation by Ralph C. Stark Jr., PE, CFM, HR Green, Inc.

Concurrent Session J - Thursday

J2: Local Restoration Project Successes & Lessons Learned 2

J2 - Creating Resiliency in Urban Streams: Restoration & Floodplain Reconnection by Brian Murphy, PE, D.WRE, ENV SP, CFM, CDM Smith

J2 - Restoring Teton Creek After an Illegal Dredging: An Idaho Mitigation Success Story by Jennifer Zung, PE, LEED AP. CFM, Harmony Design & Engineering

J2 - Emiquon: Restoring Floodplain Wetlands in a Manmade Environment by Scott Arends, PE, CFM, Hanson Professional Svcs.

J3: High Class 2: Implementing the CRS at the Local Level

J3 - Denver Metro PPI - Pulverizing Public Ignorance through a Multi-Jurisdictional Program for Public Information by Terri L. Fead, PE, CFM, Urban Drainage & Flood Ctrl. Dist.; French Wetmore, CFM, French & Associates, Ltd.

J3 - Working Together Floodplain Managers & Building Officials by John Madden, CFM, City of Fort Lauderdale, FL; Richard Benton, CFM, City of Fort Lauderdale, FL

J3 - Mitigating Repetitive Loss Properties in South Louisiana Using the Community Rating System by Tara Lambeth, CFM, UNO-CHART; French Wetmore, CFM, French & Associates, Ltd.

J4: Mitigation Project Successes 2

J4 - * Ten Years of Reconstruction in Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina: Are We More Resilient? by Jae Park, PhD, CFM, AECOM; Lynn Mayo, P.E., CFM, AECOM

J4 - Gorrion Flood Control Project: Leveraging Community Development Block Grants for Flood Control by John Hays, EIT, CFM, Santa Cruz Cnty., AZ

J4 - * Technical Assistance for Action Advancement: Indiana Success Stories by Emily Whitehead, GISP, CFM, Stantec; Mark Seidelmann, P.E., GISP, Stantec; David Hart, GISP, CFM, Stantec

J5: Successful Flood Barrier Projects

J5 - An Innovative Approach to Community Floodplain Mgmt. & Seawall Construction by Matthew Mikolajczyk, PE, Mannik & Smith Group; David K. Wehner, P.E., The Mannik & Smith Group, Inc.

J5 - Blair's Response to 2011 Flooding at the Water & Waste Water Treatment Plant: Floodplain & Earthen Berm Considerations by Vicki Twerdochlib, PE, CFM, HDR

J5 - South St. Paul Levee: Path to PL 84-99 by Nathan Campeau, PE, ENV SP, CFM, Barr Engineering Co.; John Sachi, P.E., City of South St. Paul, MN

J6: Using Risk MAP Data for Risk Communication

J6 - Using Risk MAP to Reduce Risk & Exposure in the Papillion Creek Watersheds by Jason Schneider, PE, PMP, CFM, Stantec; Lori Ann Laster, CFM, Papio-Missouri River Natural Resources Dist.

J6 - * Partners for Statewide Mitigation Actions in Missouri by Alicia Williams, GISP, CFM, Amec Foster Wheeler

J6 - * Using Non-Regulatory Risk MAP Products in Floodplain Mgmt. by Ferrin Affleck, PE, CFM, Atkins; Becca Fricke-Croft, CFM, Atkins

J7A: Varying Details in Flood Modeling

J7A - Zone A Modeling (What Makes A Equal Approximate, Adequate, or Awesome) by Kevin Donnelly, PE, GISP, PMP, CFM, Stantec

J7A - The Mighty Mississippi: Development of Mighty 2D Models by Sam Crampton, PE, CFM, Dewberry

J7A - GPU - Next Generation Modeling for Catchment Floodplain Mgmt. by Chris Huxley, BMT WBM

J7B: Step Outside the H&H Modeling Box

J7B - Verification of the FLO-2D Pro Model for Use in Floodplain Delineation Studies by Thomas R. Loomis, PE, RLS, CFM, Flood Ctrl. Dist. of Maricopa Cnty.

J7B - Use of Agent-Based Modeling to Validate Hurricane Evacuation Planning by David Powers, P.E., CFM, HR Wallingford; Andrew Tagg, CEng MICE MCIWEM, HR Wallingford

J7B - A Federal Family Comes Together by Gary Zimmerer, PE, FEMA, Region VI; Elizabeth A. Savage, P.E., H2O Partners, Inc.; Jerry Cotter, P.E., USACE

J8: Mapping our Coasts

J8 - The History of Coastal Flood Hazard Assessments in the Great Lakes by Brian Caufield, PE, CFM, CDM Smith
Surge and Wind Video of December 1990 Storm on Lake Michigan-Huron [229MB .avi]

J8 - Mapping & Visualizing Lake Level Changes for the U.S. Great Lakes by Doug Marcy, NOAA Office for Coastal Mgmt.; Brandon Krumwiede, The Baldwin Group

J8 - Use of Geostatistical Mapping Techniques to Develop Wave Runup Depth Grid Products by Kristen MacDougall, CFM, AECOM

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