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ASFPM 2012 Annual National Conference Plenary and Concurrent Session Presentations

By presenting at the 2012 ASFPM Annual National Conference, presenters authorized ASFPM to display, show, and redistribute, without alteration, the presentation materials provided for use at the 2012 ASFPM Annual National Conference.

ASFPM has made available those Concurrent Session PowerPoint presentations that we have access to. Not all presenters chose to share their presentations with us. We will continue to add PowerPoint presentations as they become available from the presenters. If you are looking for a specific presentation that is not on this list, please feel free to contact the presenter directly.

Conference Plenary and the ASFPM Awards Ceremony videos are currently being edited and will be added to this page when we complete production.

Plenary Sessions

Plenary Session 1

Welcome Address

Nelson W. Wolf, Bexar County Judge
Welcome Address Video Coming Soon!


Nancy Sutley, Director, White House Council on Environmental Quality
Trends Toward Community Resiliency
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Steve Graham, Assistant General Manager, San Antonio River Authority (SARA)
Comprehensive Approaches to Disaster Resilience
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Moderator: Sally McConkey, P.E., D.WRE, CFM, ASFPM Chair, Illinois State Water Survey

Keynote Luncheon

Scott Edelman, P.E., ASFPM Foundation President
ASFPM Foundation Update
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Plenary Session 2


Fred Tombar, Senior Advisor for Disaster Program, HUD
HUD Programs Supporting Flood Risk Management and Community Sustainability
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John McShane, Office of Wetlands, Oceans and Watersheds, EPA
EPA Programs Supporting Flood Risk Management and Community Sustainability
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Sam Brody, Director, Center for Texas Beaches & Shores, Texas A&M University
Determining Economic Values of Floodplain Ecosystems
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Moderator: Bill Nechamen, CFM, ASFPM Vice Chair, NY State Department of Environmental Conservation

Plenary Session 3


Dave Miller, Associate Administrator for Federal Insurance and Mitigation, FEMA-DHS
Supporting Flood Risk Management and Community Sustainability
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Steve Bednarz, Texas Natural Resources Conservation Service
Actions and Vision
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Karen Durham-Aguilera, Chief, Office of Homeland Security, USACE
Challenges and Opportunities Watershed-wide
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Moderator:Larry Larson, P.E., CFM, Executive Director, ASFPM

Plenary Session 4


Deb Ingram, Assistant Administrator, Recovery Directorate, FEMA-DHS
Supporting Individuals and Communities in Recovery Framework
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Bill Anderson, Director, The Infrastructure Security Partnership (TISP)
Advancing the Practice and Policies of Infrastructure Resiliency
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Larry A. Larson, PE, CFM, ASFPM Executive Director
The Role of Land Use and Planning in Community Resilience
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Moderator: Chad Berginnis, CFM, Associate Director, ASFPM

ASFPM Annual National Awards Luncheon

Coming soon!

Moderator: Sally McConkey, P.E., D.WRE, CFM, ASFPM Chair, Illinois State Water Survey
Master of Ceremonies: Dante "Dan" Accurti, ASFPM National Awards Emcee

Concurrent Sessions

Concurrent Session A - Tuesday

A1: Coastal Risk Assessment and Planning

A1 - An Economics-Based Assessment of Managing Delaware Bay Community Beaches by Michael Powell, Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control; Jim Eisenhardt, Senior Consultant, CARDNO ENTRIX

A1 - Sea Level Rise: A Case Study on One Region's Failure to Plan for a Rising Tide by Alison Meehan, CFM, Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation

A1 - Incorporating Nonstructural Alternatives in Large-Scale Protection and Restoration Plans - State of Louisiana 2012 Coastal Master Plan by Hal Clarkson, PE, CFM, Brown and Caldwell; Michèle Deshotels, Louisiana Office of Coastal Protection and Restoration

A2: URS Showcase: Implementing the National Disaster Recovery Framework in an Increasingly Stormy World (Panel)

A2 - National Disaster Recovery Framework: How the Framework will Transform Recovery, Leading to a Resilient Nation by Matt Campbell, FEMA Branch Chief for Capacity Building and Long-Term Community Recovery

A2 - Conditions for Successful Disaster Recovery: Village of Gays Mills Long-Term Community Recovery Planning by Julia Henley, Village of Gays Mills (WI) Recovery and Development Director

A2 - Interactive Web Tools for Disaster Recovery: Empowering Communities through Integrated Hazard Risk Management by John Dorman, North Carolina Office of Geospatial and Technology Management; Becky Peer, URS NC Integrated Hazard Risk Management (IHRM) Project Manager

A2 - Planning for Post-Disaster Recovery: A Review of the United States Disaster Assistance Framework by Gavin Smith, PhD, AICP, UNC-Chapel Hill Department of City and Regional Planning, Executive Director, Department of Homeland Security Center of Excellence – Coastal Hazard Center

A3: State Floodplain Management Initiatives

A3 - Alternative Violation Remedy Process (AVRP) – Resolving Noncompliant Floodplain Development by Alicia Silverio, CFM, Ohio Department of Natural Resources

A3 - Oklahoma's Statewide Risk MAP Program Deployment: Lessons Learned by Gavin Brady, CFM, Oklahoma Water Resources Board; Ana Stagg, PE, CFM, Meshek & Associates, PLC

A3 - Mobile Technology NFIP CAP Tools by Kenneth W. Ashe, PE, CFM, North Carolina Floodplain Mapping Program; Randy Mundt, AICP, CFM, North Carolina Floodplain Mapping Program

A5: Dams and Risk MAP

A5 - FEMA's Simplified Dam Break, Emergency Action Planning and Risk MAP GIS Toolset by James E. Demby, Jr., PE, FEMA-HQ; Sam Crampton, PE, CFM, Dewberry; Edward Beadenkopf, PE, CFM, URS Corporation

A5 - Risk MAP for Dams – FEMA's New Tools for Flood Risk Communication and Mitigation by Beth Norton, FEMA-HQ; Louie Greenwell, CFM, GISP, Stantec

A5 - The Mission of Dam Safety Hazard Mitigation – One CTP's Ongoing Experience by Jonathan D. Keeling, PE, CFM, Stantec/STARR

A6: Michael Baker Corporation Showcase: Harnessing Technology and Planning for Informed Mitigation Action

A6 - Cost Effective and Innovative Uses of FLO-2D by John McCarthy, PE, CFM, RBF Consulting

A6 - Understanding FEMA's Flood Risk Datasets and Products and their Use for Mitigation Activities by George Riedel, CFM, Michael Baker Corporation; J. Carver Struve, CFM, Michael Baker Corporation

A6 - Using Mobile LiDAR in Support of Flood Mitigation and Adaptation Planning by Mark Osler, Michael Baker Corporation

A7A: Case Studies in Floodplain Modeling

A7A - Kinnickinnic River: Restoration Opportunities in an Urban Watershed by Stuart Trabant, PE, Tetra Tech, Inc.

A7A - Developing Floodplain Analyses for Large Watersheds - Passaic River Floodplain Study by Z. John Licsko, PE CFM, Dewberry; Venkata Dinakar Nimmala, CFM, Dewberry

A7A - Regional Regression Analysis in the Levisa Fork and Tug Fork Basins: A Case Study in Kentucky by Davis Murphy, CFM, URS Corporation; Carey Johnson, Kentucky Division of Water

A7B: Dam and Levee Failure Modeling

A7B - Dam Breach Modeling with Unsteady HEC-RAS: Common Techniques and Assumptions Compared by Scott Muchard, PE, CFM, HDR Engineering, Inc.; Sunit Deo, PE, CFM, HDR Engineering, Inc.

A7B - Flood Analysis Resulting from Dam or Levee Failure by Michael Crenshaw, PE, CFM, XP Software

A7B - Modeling and Mapping Dams and Levees – The Importance of Partnership by Onur Celik, CFM, CDM Smith; Roger Denick, PM, Stantec

A8: Flood Forecasting & Inundation

A8 - Next Generation Intelligent Cyberphysical Systems for Integrated Environmental Monitoring and Management by Frank Liu, PhD, IBM Research; Harry R. Kolar, PhD, IBM Research; Thomas Coleman, IBM Research

A8 - Flood Forecasting - A Whole New Level of Guidance by Michael McMahon, HDR Engineering, Inc.

A8 - New Guidelines for the Production of NWS AHPS Flood Inundation Map Libraries by Mat Mampara, PE, CFM, Dewberry; Stuart Geiger, CFM, Dewberry; Victor Hom, NOAA-NWS

Concurrent Session B - Tuesday

B1: Coastal Flood Studies from Sea to Shining Sea

B1 - Demonstration Study to Evaluate Coastal Flood Hazards on Lake Erie by Jeff Gangai, CFM, Dewberry, Ali Farhadzadeh, PhD, CFM, Dewberry; Ken Hinterlong, CFM, FEMA Region V

B1 - 800 miles of Field Reconnaissance on a Tight Budget: Findings and Lessons Learned from the California Coast by Darryl Hatheway, CFM, BakerAECOM; James Johnston, CFM, BakerAECOM

B1 - Georgia and Northeast Florida Coastal Storm Surge and Mapping Study by Christopher Bender, Ph.D., P.E., D.CE, Taylor Engineering, Inc.; Tucker Mahoney, PE, FEMA Region IV

B2: Dewberry Showcase: Tools and Policies for Reducing Risk and Improving Insurance Rating

Session 1: Reducing Risk Using Advanced Tools

B2 - Tools for Reducing Risk to the Existing Development (Buildings and Infrastructure) by Mat Mampara, PE, CFM, Dewberry

B2 - Tools for Reducing Risk to the Future Environment by Jerry Sparks, PE, CFM, Dewberry

Session 2: The Future of Flood Insurance Rating

B2 - Preparing for Subsidy Reduction and Improved Flood Insurance Rating by Mike Buckley, PE, Dewberry

B3: Academic Research in Floodplain Management

B3 - Evaluating the Effectiveness of the CRS Reducing Flood Losses: A National Study by Wesley E. Highfield, PhD, Texas A&M University at Galveston; Samuel D. Brody, Texas A&M University at Galveston

B3 - NFIP Reform Suggestions From the Field by Melanie Gall, PhD, CFM, Louisiana State University; Emily Powell, Louisiana State University; Daniel Monchuk, World Bank Group

B3 - Toward a Room for the River(s) Policy in the USA by Jonathan W.F. Remo, PhD, Southern Illinois University - Carbondale; Nicholas Pinter, PhD, Southern Illinois University - Carbondale; Jennifer Dierauer, Southern Illinois University - Carbondale; Fredrik Huthoff, PhD, Southern Illinois University - Carbondale

B4A: Local Mitigation Success Stories

B4A - City of Austin – Floodplain Buyout Program: Creating Successful Partnerships by Pamela Kearfott, PE, CFM, City of Austin - Watershed Protection Department

B4A - Drew Valley Flood Mitigation – A Losses Avoided Success Story Verified During the Historic Atlanta September 2009 Flood Event by Duncan Hastie, PE, Dewberry

B4A - Creeks Gone Wild: Buyouts and Studies after Rush Creek Flooding in Arlington, TX by Audra Valamides, PE, CFM, City of Arlington; Mandy Clark, PE, CFM, City of Arlington

B4B: HAZUS in Risk MAP

B4B - FEMA's Average Annualize Flood Loss Study Update by Thomas Schweitzer, PE, GISP, CFM, STARR; Eric Berman, FEMA-HQ

B4B - Update on Use of Hazus for FEMA Risk MAP Flood Risk Products by Dr. Shane Parson, PE, CFM, URS Corporation

B4B - Georgia M.A.P.: Complete Flood Risk Assessment in the Chattahoochee River Basin by Eric Coughlin, CFM, GISP, Atkins

B5: US Army Corps of Engineers Showcase: Shared Understanding, Shared Responsibility: Managing Risks and Benefits in the USACE Levee Safety Portfolio

B5 - Levee Safety Portfolio Risk Management by Michael Bart, USACE – Minneapolis District

B5 - Planning for Non-Routine Activities by Maria Wegner-Johnson, USACE – HQ

B5 - Flood Inundation Map and Warning System for Downtown St. Paul by Ceil Strauss, CFM, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

B6: No Adverse Impact

B6 - Taking the "NAI Pulse" of Flood Officials in Georgia – An NAI Community Survey by Sean Roche, PE, CFM, PMP, Michael Baker Jr., Inc.

B6 - Ode to Floodplains: How Protecting Natural Systems Protects Us All by David Mallory, PE, CFM, Urban Drainage & Flood Control District (Denver, CO); Julie Ash, PE, Walsh Environmental Scientists & Engineers

B6 - Mission Mitigation - No Adverse Impact Floodplain Management and the Cost of Community Services: Not All Land is Suitable for All Purposes by Lt. Jim Mickey, CF, FF2, CFM, EMT, Somerset (OH) Fire & EMS

B8: LOMR Delegation and Map Maintenance

B8 - Getting Started with FEMA LOMR Delegation---The SARA Experience by Joe G. Fernandez, CFM, San Antonio River Authority; Daniel Aguilar, PE, CFM, San Antonio River Authority

B8 - Digital Data and Modeling Repository (D2MR): Model Information Management using GIS-based System by Durmus Cesur, PhD, PMP, PE, CFM, San Antonio River Authority

B8 - Keeping FEMA Flood Hazard Products Up to Date While Mitigating Increased Flood Risks by Namrata Batra, PhD, CFM, URS Corporation; Pradeep Chettri, CFM, URS Corporation

Concurrent Session C - Tuesday

C2: Coastal Flood Mapping & Mitigation – Federal Inundation Mapping Programs Enabling Local Actions

C1 - Panelists: Ed Curtis, PE, CFM, Regional Engineer, FEMA Region IX Risk Analysis Branch; Douglas Marcy, Coastal Hazards Specialist, NOAA Coastal Services Center; Charley Chesnutt, Coastal Engineer, USACE; Allison Hardin, CFM, Planner, City of Myrtle Beach

C3: Economic Benefits of Floodplain Management

C3 - Higher Standards: When Paying a Little More Costs a Lot Less by Eric Kenney, PE, CDM Smith

C3 - Floodplain Management Regulations – How Much Are They Worth in Reducing Losses? by Bret Gates, FEMA Risk Reduction Division; Dan Deegan, AECOM; Manas Borah, PhD, AECOM

C3 - Updating Benefit-Cost Analysis for Improved Floodplain Investments by David Batker, Earth Economics

C4: AECOM Showcase: Flood Loss Mitigation

C4 - Charlotte-Mecklenburg Flood Risk Assessment and Mitigation Planning Tool by Timothy J. Trautman, PE, CFM, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services; Darrin R. Punchard, AICP, CFM, AECOM

C4 - Regional Watershed Improvement Planning: Using Customized GIS Tools to Support a Diverse Stakeholder Group by Andy Wohlsperger GISP, CFM, AECOM; Erik Rourke, USACE

C4 - Mapping to Mitigation: Benefits of New Coastal Flood Studies by Jonathan Westcott, PE, FEMA-HQ; Darryl Hatheway, CFM, AECOM

C5: Levee Challenges

C5 - Record Rains - Record Levee Slides: How the City of Dallas Flood Control District Responded to the Challenge by David F. Garcia, PE, CFM, City of Dallas

C5 - Implementation Challenges: New Analysis and Mapping Procedures for Non-accredited Levees by Mary Jo Mullen, PE, FEMA-HQ

C5 - Levee Vegetation Policy – Solutions of a Local Community by Hans Hunger, PE, CFM, Pierce County, Washington and NORFMA Chair; David Carlton, PE, CFM, D.WRE, Atkins

C6A: Building Public Support for Projects

C6A - From "You're Doing What?" to "Oh, I See": Lessons from a Northern Indiana Community by Rodney Renkenberger, PLS, CFM, Maumee River Basin Commission; Trevor W. Timberlake, PE, CFM, URS Corporation; Roger Gage, CFM, City of Decatur, Indiana

C6A - Taking Matters into Your Own Hands: Floodplain Remapping in Springfield Missouri by Todd Wagner, PE, CSM, CFM, City of Springfield (MO); Errin Kemper, PE, CSM, CFM, City of Springfield

C6A - Sustainability – What Does it Mean to You? by Virginia "Ginger" Dadds, PE CFM, LEED AP, Greenhorne & O'Mara, Inc.; Neftalem Negussie, PE, CFM, Greenhorne & O'Mara, Inc.

C6B: Go Chapter, Go! Highlights of the Texas Floodplain Managers Association

C6B - TFMA Higher Standards "Freeboard" Survey Results 2004 to 2012 by John Ivey, PE, CFM, Halff Associates, Inc.; Roy Sedwick, CFM, TFMA Executive Director

C6B - TFMA's 2011 'No Adverse Impact' Survey of Texas Communities by Brian Reis, PE, RPS Espey; Brian Wells, PE, MWM Design Group, Inc.

C6B - TFMA Strives for Innovative Ways to Promote Flood Safety Education and Outreach by Roy Sedwick, CFM, TFMA Executive Director

C7: 2D Modeling

C7 - Integrated Modeling of Ridglea and Luther Creek Watershed Using InfoWorks SD, HEC-HMS, and HEC-RAS by Cuneyt Erbatur, PE, CFM, LEED AP, Dunaway Associates

C7 - Where did the Creek Go? Examining a Zone 'A' Where There is No Stream by Terry M. Barr, PE, CFM, Halff Associates, Inc.; Sam A. Hinojosa, PE, CFM, Halff Associates, Inc.

C7 - Urban Planning and Management in Flood Prone Areas in Italy: The Rome Tiber River and Other Case Studies by Fernando Nardi, PhD, University for Foreigners of Perugia

C8: GIS Innovations in Flood Mapping

C8 - Advanced GIS Based Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modeling and Statistical Techniques used for Floodplain Mapping by Jeff House, CFM, Manhard Consulting, Ltd.; Annjanette Dodd, PhD, PE, Manhard Consulting, Ltd.; Todd Cochran, PE, CFM, Manhard Consulting, Ltd.

C8 - Concepcion Creek's Flood Protection Plan – San Antonio, Texas by William Burmeister, PE, PMP, GISP, CFM, Atkins North America, Inc.; Scot Laun, PE, CFM, Atkins

C8 - "Doing Risk Right": Acquiring and Leveraging Framework Data for Statewide Flood Risk Assessments by John K. Dorman, CFM, North Carolina Floodplain Mapping Program

Concurrent Session D - Wednesday

D1: Recent Flood Events in Review

D1 - 1-2-3 Flood: Reactions to Recent Floods in North Dakota - Focusing on Mitigating Flood Losses by Ray Morrell, North Dakota Department of Emergency Services

D1 - Challenges of Data Collection in a Post-Flood Environment for the Minot, North Dakota Structure Inventory Project by Amelia Vincent, PE, CFM, URS Corporation

D1 - Flooding and Hard Lessons Learned From Tropical Storm Hermine and Other 2010 Texas Floods by T. Lynn Lovell, PE, CFM, D.WRE, Halff Associates, Inc.; Roy Sedwick, CFM, Texas Floodplain Managers Association

D2: Atkins Showcase: How to Leverage Risk Data to Its Fullest Potential: The Atkins FloodMap™ System

D2 - Presenters: Josh Price, GISP, CFM, Atkins; Zachary Baccala, CFM, Atkins

D3: FEMA's Flood Insurance & Mitigation Administration's Risk Reduction Division Showcase

D3 - FEMA Floodplain Management by David Stearrett, Chief, FEMA Floodplain Management Branch

D3 - FEMA Mitigation Grants by James Walke, Director, FEMA Risk Reduction Division

D3 - FEMA Building Sciences by Ed Laatsch, Chief, FEMA Building Sciences Branch

D4: Mitigation Planning and Beyond

D4 - Hurricane Irene: A Test Case for New Jersey Hazard Mitigation Planning by Stuart Wallace, Witt Associates

D4 - Mission Mitigation: Incentivizing Local Risk Reduction Action by Juliette Hayes, FEMA Region IX; Michael Anderson, CFM, Stantec

D4 - Integrating Wetland and Wildlife Protection, Land Use, Hazard Mitigation Planning, and Floodplain Management by Rebecca Kihslinger, PhD, Environmental Law Institute

D5A: Take a Mulligan: Environmental Benefits from Modifying/Undoing Structural Projects

D5A - Environmental Benefits for the Louisiana Coastal Area: The Small Water Diversion Project at Convent/Blind River by Roger Menendez, CE, AICP, CDM Smith; Larry N. Schwartz, PhD, PWS, CDM Smith

D5A - Combining Conservation & Hazard Mitigation: The Case for Dam Removal and Stream Restoration in Flood Damage Reduction by Sara Strassman, CFM, American Rivers

D5A - Evaluation of Set-Back of Flood-Damaged Missouri River Levees for Increased Flood Risk Reduction and Environmental Enhancement by Randall Behm, PE, CFM, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Omaha District; Tony Krause, PE, CFM, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Omaha District

D5B: 2011: Levees vs. the Missouri River

D5B - A Levee Sponsor's Perspective on the Historic 2011 Flooding by Amanda Grint, PE, CFM, Papio-Missouri River Natural Resources District (Omaha, NE)

D5B - The Summer 2011 Missouri River Flood Fight to Protect the City of Council Bluffs, IA by Barry J. Meyer, PE, HDR Engineering, Inc.; John Hess, PE, HDR Engineering, Inc.; Richard Shoemaker, PE, HDR Engineering, Inc.; Matt Cox, PE, City of Council Bluffs; Greg Reader, PE, City of Council Bluffs

D5B - Methods for Determining Maximum Flood Elevations Landward of Failed Levees An Example from the Great Missouri River Flood of 2011 by Lowell Blankers, PE, CFM, USACE – Omaha District; Tony Krause, PE, CFM, USACE - Omaha District; Roger Kay, PE, USACE - Omaha District; Laurel Hamilton, USACE - Omaha District

D6: Risk MAP Education & Outreach

D6 - It HAS Happened Here; the Risk MAP National Outreach Strategy by Vincent J. Brown, FEMA-HQ; Courtney Partlow, ICF International/Accenture Team

D6 - Discovery: The Gateway to Risk Awareness by Ryan Ike, CFM, FEMA Region X; Karen Amrhein, STARR

D6 - Moving with the Tide: Regional Approach to Coastal Non-Regulatory Products that Can Affect Change by Amol Daxikar, GISP, CFM, CDM Smith; Kerry Bogden, FEMA Region I; Brian Caufield, PE, CFM, CDM Smith

D8: Coastal Mapping

D8 - FEMA's Risk MAP Coastal Updates – An Overview by Jonathan Westcott, PE, FEMA-HQ

D8 - Coastal Flood Risk Mapping and Management by Laura Algeo, PE, FEMA Region IV by Tucker Mahoney, PE, FEMA Region IV

D8 - Floodplain Boundary Standard – A Coastal Perspective by Mark Zito, GISP, CFM, CDM Smith; Alex Sirotek, CFM, CDM Smith

Concurrent Session E - Wednesday

E1: Nashville Two Years Later: Recovery and Response After the Flood of 2010

E1 - The Nashville Experience: Effective Response to Future Flood Events by Roger D. Lindsey, PE, CFM, Metro Nashville Water Services; Tom Palko, PE, CFM, Metro Nashville Water Services

E1 - Nashville Flood 2010 - A Home Buyout Success Story by Thomas K. Palko, PE, CFM, Nashville Metro Water Services

E1 - Nashville SAFE: Building a Community-Wide Flood Warning System on the Principles of Effective Communication by Bradley Heilwagen, PE, CFM, AMEC Environment & Infrastructure, Inc.

E2: HDR Showcase: The 2011 Missouri River Flood, Navigating Troubled Waters

E2 - Forecasting – Client Specific Solutions by Mike McMahon, HDR Engineering, Inc.

E2 - Modeling, Pin Pointing Trouble Spots by Anthony Henry, HDR Engineering, Inc.

E2 - Public Works, Sustaining Emergency Operations by Barry Meyer, PE, HDR Engineering, Inc.

E2 - Flood Fight Operations, Emergency Repairs, and Recovery by Vicki Twedochlib, PE, CFM, HDR Engineering, Inc.

E2 - A Better Road Ahead – IDOT Designs for Overtopping I-680 by Anthony Henry, HDR Engineering, Inc.

E3: Risk Reduction for Critical Facilities (Panel)

E3 - Panelists: Lois Forster, FEMA-HQ; Larry Buss, PE, CFM, D.WRE, ASFPM Nonstructural Retrofitting Committee; Rebecca Quinn, CFM, RCQuinn Consulting, Inc.; Gregory Wilson, CFM, FEMA-HQ; State Coordinator (TBD)

E4A: Mitigation Research and Studies

E4A - Socio-Economic Impacts of Acquisitions on the Local Community: Lincoln Park, NJ Case Study by Mary Margaret Shaw, PhD, AICP, CFM, URS Corporation; Jen Sparenberg, CFM, URS Corporation

E4A - A Safe, Secure, and Sustainable Coast: A Current Snapshot of Nonstructural Mitigation along Coastal Louisiana by Alessandra Jerolleman, CFM, Natural Hazard Mitigation Association; Maggie Olivier, CFM, Natural Hazard Mitigation Association

E4A - Substantiating Flood Mitigation through Loss Avoidance Analysis by Carly Cermak, CFM, ARCADIS-US; Joy Duperault, CFM, State of Florida Division of Emergency Management

E4B: ASFPM Nonstructural Retrofitting Committee Showcase: Flood Fighting Product Performance

E4B - Certifying Flood Barriers: An Introduction to FM Approvals and the Class 2510 Approval Standard by Brian MacDonald, FM Approvals; Kalyn Magazu. FM Approvals

E4B - New Field Research in Dry Flood Proofing of Small Commercial Buildings by Michael Grote, Mississippi State University Gulf Coast Community Design Studio

E4B - FEMA P-259: "Engineering Principles and Practices of Retrofitting Flood-Prone Residential Structures" Update by John Ingargiola, EI, CFM, CBO, FEMA-HQ; Adrienne Sheldon, PE, CFM, URS Corporation; Amit Mahadevia, URS Corporation

E6: Floodplain Management and Risk Communication

E6 - FloodPro – How the City of Austin Disseminates Floodplain Information to the Public by Kevin Shunk, PE, CFM, City of Austin, Texas; Dean Djokic, PhD, Esri

E6 - Spread the Word: Building Local Flood Awareness and Action with the help of NFIP's FloodSmart Tools by Bruce Bender, FloodSmart; Debbie Hardwick, FloodSmart

E6 - Social Media and Floodplain Management – Risk Communication Opportunities by Lisa Messano, CFM, Michael Baker, Jr. Inc.; Kathleen Schaefer, PE, FEMA Region IX

E7: Flood Inundation Mapping

E7 - Operational Flood Inundation Mapping in the San Antonio River Basin by Wayne Tschirhart, PE, CFM, San Antonio River Authority; Sheeba Thomas, PhD, PE, CFM, San Antonio River Authority

E7 - Real-time NWS Flood Forecast and Partnered Mapping Approaches by Victor Hom, National Weather Service

E7 - NRCS Dam Risk Assessments: Inspections, Unsteady Flow Modeling and Breach Inundation Mapping for Two Dams in New Mexico by Kevin Kasprzak, PE, Patrick Engineering, Inc.; Eric Chow, PE, CFM, Patrick Engineering, Inc.

E8: Mapping Collaboration with FEMA

E8 - A Proposal for Testing Two-Dimensional Models to Use in the National Flood Insurance Program by Reinaldo Garcia, PhD, Hydronia, LLC; Jim O'Brien, FLO-2D Software, Inc.

E8 - FEMA's Guidelines and Standards Strategy by Mary Jo Mullen, PE, FEMA-HQ

E8 - Improving Quality and Efficiencies in Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) Reviews for Digital Products by Sue Hoegberg, CFM, Dewberry; Katherine Hermann, CFM, Dewberry

Concurrent Session F - Thursday

F1: Multi-Objective Stream Restoration Projects

F1 - Fort Worth's River "Vision", Combining Project Sponsors Behind Combined Goals by Michael Oleson, PE, CDM Smith; Scott Stone, PE, CFM, CDM Smith

F1 - Collaborative Efforts Lead to Design and Permitting Success: Hausman Road LC-9 by Wesley R. Young, PE, CFM, CP&Y, Inc.; Andy A. Atlas, AICP, CP&Y, Inc.

F1 - The Mission Reach Ecosystem Restoration Project: Floodplain Management within a Multi-Objective Project Paradigm by Tim Whitefield, PE, CFM, Jacobs Engineering Group Inc.; Steven Schauer, San Antonio River Authority

F2: ASFPM International Committee Showcase: International Approaches to Risk Mitigation and Floodplain Management

F2 - International Flood Risk Management Approaches by Charles R. "Ray" Alexander, Jr., Deputy Chief, Office of Homeland Security, USACE; Lisa Bourget, PE, USACE Institute for Water Resources

F2 - Flood Mapping across the Pond: A Comparison of Programs and Technical Requirements for the United States, the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland by Michele Seib, PE, CFM, Atkins North America, Inc.; Neil Breton, Atkins – Ireland

F2 - What's Ouagadougou Got To Do With It? - Lessons Learned from Flood Risk Mitigation in a Developing Nation by Elaine V. Kelley, FEMA-HQ

F3: Challenges as a Local or State Floodplain Administrator

F3 - Flood Risk Management in the Nation's Capital: Local Perspectives by Phetmano Phannavong, PE, CFM, Government of the District of Columbia, District Department of the Environment; Timothy J. Karikari, PE, CPESC, Government of the District of Columbia, District Department of the Environment

F3 - Bridging the Digital Divide: Confronting the Challenges Presented by FEMA's All Digital Vision by Miriam Gradie Anderson, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources; Scott Johnson,, LLC

F3 - A Survival Kit for the Local Floodplain Manager by Todd Richard, CFM, City of Findlay (OH)

F4: Prioritizing Mitigation Projects

F4 - Who's First? Project Implementation Sequence by Gregory S. Lubeck, PE, CFM, Lexington (KY) Fayette Urban County Government

F4 - An Innovative Process for Soliciting, Screening, Selecting, and Developing Mitigation Projects by David Murphy, PE, CFM, Milone & MacBroom, Inc.

F4 - Assessing Risk to Critical Facilities in the Floodplain – A Modeled, Service-based, and System-level Approach by Brian Greathouse, PE, CFM, ARCADIS-US; Carly Cermak, CFM, ARCADIS-US

F5: National Levee Initiatives

F5 - An Update on the Activities of the National Committee on Levee Safety by Susan Gilson, NAFSMA; Carol Sanders, National Committee on Levee Safety

F5 - The Future of FEMA Levee Data: Consolidation and Improved Access within the Framework of the NLD by David Bascom, FEMA-HQ; Cathi Sanders, USACE NLD Project Manager

F5 - Periodic Levee Inspections for the USACE Levee Safety Program by Walt Kuhn, PE, Tetra Tech, Inc.; Patti Sexton, PE, CFM, Tetra Tech, Inc.

F6: Education & Outreach for Mapping

F6 - New Jersey's Coastal Outreach Strategy: Tailoring Risk Messages to Maximize Community Adoption of Mitigation Behaviors by Daniel Zell, PE, DWRE, CFM, Dewberry; Scott Duell, FEMA Region II

F6 - The Niobrara River Tour – A Hands-On Approach to Outreach and Risk Identification by Crystal K. Lesmeister, PE, CFM, Nebraska Department of Natural Resources; Katie Ringland, PE, CFM, Nebraska Department of Natural Resources

F6 - Comparing Elevation Data Sets for Outreach in Understanding the Accuracy of Floodplain Maps by Meggan Georgas, CFM, Texas Water Development Board

F7: Hydrologic Issues

F7 - When Predictions are Golden: How Advanced Technology is Transforming Flood Warnings in Urban and Rural Areas of Austin, Texas by Susan Janek, PE, CFM, City of Austin Watershed Protection Department; Janna Renfro, PE, CFM, City of Austin Watershed Protection Department

F7 - Missing Ingredient: High-water Mark Inventory for Texas by Melinda Luna, PE, CFM, Texas Water Development Board

F7 - Rainfall Frequency Analysis for New Braunfels, Texas (or it seems like we've been having lots of 100-year storms) by Saul Nuccitelli, PE, CFM, Lockwood, Andrews & Newnam, Inc.; Jim Klein, PE, City of New Braunfels, Texas

F8: Flood Mapping Approaches for Unmapped and Approximate Zones

F8 - Proposed Methodologies for Utilizing Improved Source Data in the Production of Approximate Zone A Floodplain Boundaries by Jeff Burm, CFM, AECOM; Joe Young, Maine State Planning Office

F8 - The Unmapped West by Kreg Barrett, Intermap Technologies; Kea Morovitz, Intermap Technologies

F8 - Topographically-driven Hydrologic Modeling: A Case Study Using LiDAR and TOPMODEL in the Appalachians of Eastern Kentucky by Trevor Timberlake, PE, CFM, URS Corporation; Carey Johnson, Kentucky Division of Water

Concurrent Session G - Thursday

G1: Coastal Modeling

G1 - The USACE/FEMA Joint Texas Coastal Hurricane Surge Project by William Espey, Jr., PhD, PE, DWRE, RPS Espey; Steve Fitzgerald, PE, Harris County Flood Control District

G1 - The Effects of Starting Wave Conditions on Coastal Flood Hazards: A Sensitivity Analysis for the Texas Coast by Katrina Myers, PE, CFM, Taylor Engineering, Inc.; Guillermo Simon, PE, CFM, Taylor Engineering, Inc.

G1 - Wave Height Estimate for Multi-Frequency Flooding Events by Elena Drei-Horgan, PhD, CFM, AECOM; Darryl Hatheway, CFM, AECOM

G2: Stormwater Practices and Funding

G2 - Urban Flooding Challenges - City of Fort Worth Feasible Options Study by Steven E. Eubanks, PE, CFM, City of Fort Worth, Texas; Burton L. Johnson, PE, Michael Baker, Jr., Inc.

G2 - Flood Mitigation Using Green Infrastructure by Christine Worley, PE, CFM, URS Corporation; Kari Mackenbach, CFM, URS Corporation

G2 - Funding Municipal Drainage Management Programs - The Drainage Utility Comes of Age in Texas by George E. Oswald, P.E., D.WRE, CFM, RPS Espey

G3: NFIP Community Rating System

G3 - NFIP Community Rating System Major 2012 Changes That Will Affect You by Bill Lesser, CFM, FEMA-HQ; French Wetmore, French & Associates; William Trakimas, ISO

G3 - Successful Outreach and Public Involvement Program in Pasadena, Texas by Dr. Daya Dayananda, PhD, PE, CFM, City of Pasadena, TX; Luz Locke, CFM, City of Pasadena, TX

G3 - Automated Application to Assist with Implementation of CRS Floodplain Management Plans by David Stroud, CFM, AMEC Environment & Infrastructure; Jeff Brislawn, CFM, AMEC Environment & Infrastructure

G4: State Mitigation Initiatives

G4 - The Maryland State HIRA: Integration of New Data Sets into a Comprehensive Natural Hazard Risk Vulnerability Analysis by Deborah G. Mills, CFM, Dewberry; Carrie Speranza, CFM, PEM, Dewberry; Mark James, Acting State Hazard Mitigation Officer, Maryland Emergency Management Agency

G4 - Mitigation Success in Ohio – Analyzing the Past to Plan for the Future by Brad Ziss, GISP, CFM, Stantec; Carla Marable, Ohio Emergency Management Agency

G4 - Silver Jackets: Multi-agency Approach to Helping Communities in Indiana by Darrin Miller, PE, CFM, Indiana Department of Natural Resources

G5: Certification/Accreditation Challenges

G5 - "Five Feet High and Rising" - Certifying the City of St. Louis' Flood Protection System by Stephen Randolph, PE, CPESC, LEED AP, CFM, Horner & Shifrin, Inc.

G5 - 408 Permitting and Levee Accreditation for the Village of Waterloo, NE by Lalit Jha, PE, D.WRE, CFM, JEO Consulting Group, Inc.; John P. Callen, PE,CFM, JEO Consulting Group, Inc.

G5 - Rio Grande Levee System Rehabilitation and Construction by Ira Artz, PE, Tetra Tech; Ike Pace, PE, Tetra Tech; Miguel Orozco, PE, Tetra Tech

G6: Local Initiatives and Success Stories

G6 - Effective Partnering & Collaborating: Mono County's Success Initiating Flood Hazard Mapping for the Tri-Valley Watershed by Krista Bethune-Melnar, PE, CFM, BakerAECOM; Eric Simmons, FEMA Region IX; Garrett Higerd, PE, CFM, Mono County (CA)

G6 - Waller Creek Tunnel Project, Creek Side Inlet and Ecological Weir Structure by Keith Moody, PE, CFM, RPS Espey; Kristin Kasper Pipkin, PE, CPESC, City of Austin

G6 - Stay Safe - SEMSWA's Flood Awareness Plan by Monica Bortolini, PE, CFM, Southeast Metro Stormwater Authority (Denver); Kallie Bauer, PE, CFM, Michael Baker Jr., Inc.; Chris Tager PE, CFM, Michael Baker Jr., Inc.

G7: Spatial Mapping Tools

G7 - Flood Awareness, Communication and Response: Leveraging Flood Model Results Through Dynamic Mapping To Create Flood Intelligence by David McConnell, WorleyParsons; Cameron Druery, WorleyParsons

G7 - Geospatial pdf: A Floodplain Management Tool for Communities without GIS by Manuel Razo, CFM, Texas Water Development Board

G7 - ArcSDE and Mapping the National Flood Insurance Program by Errol DuFour, CFM, Greenhorne & O'Mara, Inc.; Tewodros Hailegeberel, Greenhorne & O'Mara, Inc.

G8: Mapping Outreach Tools

G8 - A Great L-EAP Forward: Successes and Challenges in Implementing FEMA's Expanded Appeals Process by Todd Steiner, FEMA-HQ; Lora Eskandary, FEMA-HQ; Dahlia Kasperski, PE, CFM, FEMA-HQ; Maggie Mathis, CFM, Dewberry; Samara Ebinger, CFM, RAMPP

G8 - FEMA's Flood Risk Review Meeting: Building Confidence in Risk MAP Products by Nathan Beach, PE, CFM, Stantec Consulting Services, Inc.; Michael J. Hanke, FEMA Region V

G8 - Take Me With You – Mobile Applications for Outreach by Diane Howe, FEMA Region VI; Matt DuBois, PE, FEMA Region VI

Concurrent Session H - Thursday

H1: Communicating Coastal Flood Risk

H1 - Now What? Why All Our Geeky Tools Haven't Saved Coastal Communities Yet, Why They're Not Going To, And Why (And How) We Should Keep Using Them Anyway by Wesley Shaw, Blue Urchin

H1 - Great Lakes Coastal Flood Study: Outreach and Technical Communication Tools by Mary Weidel, PE, CFM, USACE-Detroit District; Greg Mausolf, USACE-Detroit District

H1 - Communicating About Flood Hazards in Coastal Communities – A Challenging and Risk-y Business by Lynne Keating, CFM, FEMA Region IV; Dick Wild, BakerAECOM; Henrietta Williams, FEMA Region IV

H3: NFIP Regulation Compliance

H3 - Falling, with Style- the Future of CAVs without Paper FIRMs by Christopher M. Thoms, CFM, Ohio Department of Natural Resources; Katherine M. Skalak, EIT, Ohio Department of Natural Resources

H3 - Evaluating the Environmental Impacts of the National Flood Insurance by Emily Blanton, CFM, FEMA-HQ; Jomar Maldonado, FEMA-HQ

H3 - When NFIP Building Violations Happen – You Must Respond Aggressively by Connie Perkins, PE, CFM, City of Sacramento, Dept. of Utilities (CA); Jim McDonald, AICP, CFM, City of Sacramento, Community Development Dept. (CA)

H4: HMA Application and Project Success

H4 - A Critical Infrastructure Hazard Mitigation Success Story by Timothy W. Keaton, CFM, West Virginia Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management; Mohiuddin Shaik, PE, CFM, GISP, Michael Baker Jr., Inc.

H4 - HMGP: Managing a Buyout by Stephanie W. Griffin, PE, CFM, Freese and Nichols, Inc.; Mike D. Wayts, PE, CFM, Freese and Nichols, Inc.

H4 - FEMA Hazard Mitigation Assistance (HMA) Grant Strategies and Lessons Learned by Thad Leugemors, SAIC; Jeffrey Ward, JSW & Associates, Inc.

H5A: Local Initiatives and Projects

H5A - Dam Mitigation Through Modification: The Glen D. Palmer (Yorkville) Dam by Loren Wobig, PE, CFM, Illinois Department of Natural Resources

H5A - Planning and Designing Levees while Constructing Them: Unique Challenges in Larose to Golden Meadow by Crorey Lawton, CFM, USACE – New Orleans

H5A - Reducing Risk through the City of Austin's Stormwater Pond Safety Program by Eduardo Acosta, PE, CFM, LEED AP, City of Austin; Jay Scanlon, PE, CFM, Freese and Nichols, Inc.

H5B: Levee and Dam Tools and Guidance

H5B - Levee Failures - How they are Being Addressed by the International Levee Handbook by Jonathan Simm, CEng, HR Wallingford, UK; Mike Wallis, HR Wallingford, UK; Yann Deniaud, CETE, Paris; France Philip Smith, Royal Haskoning, Peterborough, UK; Jamie McVicker, USACE, St. Louis; Rachael Hersch-Burdick, USACE, Sacramento; Jonathan Glerum, Construction Industry Research and Information Association, UK

H5B - Online Levee Study Status System that Leads to Decisions by William Zung, PMP, CFM, Greenhorne & O'Mara, Inc.; Rick A. Nusz, CFM, PH, FEMA Region VII

H5B - State of the Practice – Harmonizing the Hydrologic Guidelines for Dam Safety by Arthur Miller, PhD, PE, BakerAECOM; Paul Schweiger, Gannett Fleming, Inc.; Amanda Hess, Gannett Fleming, Inc.; Greg Richards, Gannett Fleming, Inc.

H6: Mitigation Education & Outreach

H6 - Approaches to Community Education & Outreach - One Size Does not Fit All by Maggie Olivier, MA, CFM, UNO-CHART; Monica Farris, PhD, CFM, UNO-CHART

H6 - Outreach and Messaging: Informing Individuals, Communities, Media and Elected Officials by Cindy Wirz, FEMA Region VI; Jacqueline Chandler, FEMA Region VI

H6 - Innovation in Flood Loss Mitigation on the Navajo Nation: Bridging the Gap between Cross-Cultural Engagement by Michael P. Paisano, RLS, PS, PLS, Navajo Housing Authority; David Turk, GISP, CFM, URS Corporation

H7: Mapping Needs and Prioritization

H7 - Coordinated Needs Management Strategy (CNMS): Leveraging Local Knowledge and Developing Efficient Project Tools by Christopher Moss, PE, CFM, Taylor Engineering, Inc.; Katrina Myers, PE, CFM, Taylor Engineering, Inc.

H7 - RiskMAP Elevation Data Status by Paul Rooney, GISP, FEMA-HQ

H7 - FEMA Flood Mapping Prioritization Efficiencies by Benjamin Young, CFM, BakerAECOM; Anna Oldak, PhD, MDA Information Systems, Inc.

H8: Mapping Outreach Implementation

H8 - Spreading the Word: Building Bridges in Region X by Becca Croft, CFM, STARR; Josha Crowley, FEMA Region X

H8 - Outreach Website for Following the Progress of a RiskMAP Study by Alicia Williams, CFM, AMEC; Stephen Noe, AMEC

H8 - What Complete Risk MAP Implementation looks like for 4 million People - Conclusive Results from the GA CTP Upper Chattahoochee Watershed Study by Duncan Hastie, PE, Dewberry; Collis Brown, Georgia Department of Natural Resources; Shannon Brewer, CFM, Dewberry

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