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Conference Plenary and Concurrent Session Presentations

By presenting at the 2010 ASFPM Annual National Conference, presenters authorized ASFPM to display, show, and redistribute, without alteration, the presentation materials provided for use at the 2010 ASFPM Annual National Conference.

ASFPM has made available those Concurrent Session PowerPoint presentations that we have access to. Not all presenters chose to share their presentations with us. We will continue to add PowerPoint presentations as they become available from the presenters. If you are looking for a specific presentation that is not on this list, please feel free to contact the presenter directly.

Plenary Sessions

Plenary Session 1

Welcome Address

Jari Askins, Lieutenant Governor, State of Oklahoma

Welcome Address

CREATING THE DESIGN - Managing Flood Risk

Dennis S. Mileti, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, University of Colorado-Boulder:
Influencing the Behavior of Individuals to Prepare for and Mitigate Flood Risk
Influencing the Behavior of Individuals to Prepare for and Mitigate Flood Risk

Doug Plasencia, P.E., CFM, ASFPM Watershed POD Facilitator, ASFPM Foundation Trustee; Vice President, Michael Baker Jr., Inc.:
Challenges and Opportunities for Managing Flood Risk and Floodplain Management - Results from the 3rd Gilbert F. White Forum
Challenges and Opportunities for Managing Flood Risk and Floodplain Management - Results from the 3rd Gilbert F. White Forum

Moderator: Greg Main, CFM ASFPM Chair; State Floodplain Manager, Indiana DNR

Keynote Luncheon


Sandra K. Knight, Ph.D., P.E., D.WRE, Deputy Assistant Administrator for Mitigation, FEMA-DHS
Building Blocks to Sustainable Living
Building Blocks to Sustainable Living 

Scott Edelman, P.E., ASFPM Foundation President
ASFPM Foundation
ASFPM Foundation 

Plenary Session 2

DRAWING UP THE BLUEPRINT - National Flood Policy Initiatives from the Administration

Jon Carson, Chief of Staff, White House Council on Environmental Quality:
Executive Order and Principles & Standards

Terrence C. "Rock" Salt, Principal Deputy, Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army (ASA) for Civil Works:
US Army Corps of Engineers Key Actions
US Army Corps of Engineers Key Actions

Larry Larson, P.E., CFM, Executive Director, ASFPM:
Connecting the Dots
Connecting the Dots

Moderator: Sally McConkey, P.E., CFM, ASFPM Vice Chair; Water Resources Engineer, NIRS, Illinois State Water Survey

Plenary Session 3

LAYING THE FOUNDATION - Federal Coordination on Flood Risk Management

Ann Mills, Deputy UnderSecretary for Natural Resources and Environment, Natural Resources Conservation Service, USDA:
Integrating Federal, State and Local Programs

Joe Krolak, P.E., Principal Hydraulics Engineer, Office of Bridge Technology, Federal Highway Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation:
How State DOTs Implement the Floodplain Management  Executive Order

W. Craig Fugate, Administrator, Federal Emergency Management Agency, DHS:
Mitigation Programs and Risk MAP

Moderator: Edward J. Hecker, Chief, Office of Homeland Securty and Provost Marshal, Directorate of Civil Works, Headquarters, USACE

Plenary Session 4

BUILDING INTO THE FUTURE - Floodplain Management in a Changing World

Dr. Harold E. Brooks, Head, Mesoscale Applications Group, National Severe Storms Lab, NOAA: 
Forecasting in a Changing Climate
Forecasting in a Changing Climate

Stephen Weinstein, Senior Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer, General Counsel, and Secretary, RenaissanceRe Holdings, Ltd.
Flooding the Market
Flooding the Market

Ann Riley, Ph.D., Executive Director, Waterways Restoration Institute, Watershed and River Restoration Advisor for California State Water boards:
Flood Risk Reduction, Restoration and Protection of Functions
Flood Risk Reduction, Restoration and Protection of Functions

Moderator: Chad Berginnis, CFM, ASFPM Mitigation Policy Coordinator, Michael Baker Jr., Inc. 

ASFPM Annual National Awards Luncheon

Awards Luncheon Ceremony

Concurrent Sessions

Concurrent Session A - Tuesday

A3b - CRS Strategic Plan, Natural Floodplain Functions by Bill Lesser, CFM, FEMA

Concurrent Session B - Tuesday

B3 - Reducing Flood Risk Through Building Code Enforcement by Tom Leatherbee, CFM, City of Del City, OK
B4b - Working Towards Sustainability: Bringing Mitigation Practitioners Together Across Disciplines by Ed Thomas, Esq., Michael Baker Jr., Inc.; Alessandra Jerolleman, MPA, CFM, James Lee Witt & Associates, LLC
B6 - 9 Easy Steps to Green Infrastructure Program Implementation for Your Community by Kari Mackenbach, CFM, URS Corporation
B6 - Roadway To Implementation - How a Small Oklahoma Community Adopted A Successful Stormwater Program by Roger Stevens, City of Owasso; Ana Stagg, P.E., CFM, Meshek & Associates, PLC

Concurrent Session C - Tuesday

C6 - Shifting Our Focus From Maps to Risk by William Coulbourne, P.E., Applied Technology Council
C6 - A Proposed Method of Categorizing Extreme Rainfall Events - The 100-Year Storm Redefined by Thomas Grisa P.E., City of Brookfield, WI
C7 - Open Source GIS Solutions to Unlock the DFIRM Database by Mathew Mampara, CFM, Dewberry; Scott McAfee, CFM, FEMA

Concurrent Session D - Wednesday

Early Bird - Advances in Alluvial Fan Floodplain Delineation & Modeling by ASFPM Arid Regions Committee
Early Bird - Success at Levee Accreditation through the PAL Process: The case of Augusta, Georgia's Provisionally Accredited Levee by Thomas H. Roberston, P.E., AICP, RLS, Cranston Engineering Group, P.C.
D1 - Floodplain Management Experience by Terrebonne Parish Consolidated Government
D5 - Dam Hazard Consequences Assessment by James Demby, P.E., FEMA; Ed Beadenkopf, P.E., CFM, URS Corporation; Jim Murphy, P.E., CFM, URS Corporation
D5 - Mapping Risk: The USACE Modeling Mapping and Consequence (MMC) Program by AMEC Earth & Environmental
D6 - Innovative Hydrologic Products and Services from the National Weather Service by National Weather Service
D7A - Colorado's Flood Decision Support System by Amy Volckens, P.E., Riverside Technology, Inc.; Carolyn Fritz, Chris Sturm, CFM, Colorado Water Conservation Board
D7A - Predictive Floodplain Mapping - City of Austin Flood Early Warning System by Susan Janek, P.E., Janna Renfro, P.E., CFM, City of Austin, TX
D7B - Current, Innovative, and Standardized Elevation Data for Flood Modeling in Australia: The Murray-Darling Basin by Kea M. Beiningen, CFM, GISP, Intermap Technologies
D8 - Approximate Floodplain Mapping - Procedures and Approaches to Data Challenges by Troy Thielen, CFM, Brett Addams, CFM, CDM
D8 - Modeling 72-Miles of the Mississippi on a 2-Mile Budget by Mohamed A. Bagha, P.E., CFM; Dung Nguyen, P.E., CFM; Pradeepa Venigalla, EIT, Michael Baker Jr., Inc.

Concurrent Session E - Wednesday

E2 - FEMA's Mitigation Assessment Team Program - Where Have We Been and Where Have We Still To Go? by John Ingargolia, P.E., CFM, FEMA; Eric Letvin, Esq., P.E., CFM, URS Corporation
E2 - Post-Burn Flood Study: Accelerated Hydraulic Analyses Following the 2007 Wildfires by Mike Seering, P.E., CFM, URS Corporation
E2 - Somerset County, Maryland: Rising Sea Level Guidance by Kyle F. Gulbronson, AICP, URS Corporation
E2 - Building Communities that are Resilient to Climate Variablility - Incorporating Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources (CIKRs) into Planning and Capital Investment Decisions by Robert Brodesky, Subha Shrivastava, AICP, CFM, Elisson Wright, URS Corporation 
E3 - Risk-Based Community Assistance Visit Prioritization Using GIS Methodologies by Bret Gates, FEMA; Susan Phelps, CFM, AECOM
E3 - Tracking Potential NFIP Violations Using Digital Orthophotos by Colleen A. Hermans, Wisconsin DNR
E3 - Safety Net for Permitting and Compliance in Culprit Zone A by William Teague, Ph.D., CFM, White County Arkansas; MaryBeth Breed, PH, CFM, FTN Associates, Ltd.
E4 - Elevation of Slab Structures in the Path of Rising Seas by Jeffrey S. Heaton, Providence Engineering & Environmental Group
E5 - Fort Bend County DFIRM - About Levees by Mark Vogler, P.E., CFM; Juling Bao, P.E., CFM, Fort Bend County Drainage District
E6 - The Practical & Financial Success of the Olathe Watershed Study by Brenda Macke, P.E., CDM
E6 - Sapulpa, Oklahoma: A Building Block Approach to Flood and Stormwater Management by Janet Meshek, P.E., CFM, Meshek & Associates, PLC
E6 - Fee-in-Lieu of Detention, Tulsa, Oklahoma: Best Management Practice by William H. Robison, P.E., CFM, City of Tulsa, Oklahoma
E8 - Risk Reduction/Building Science Tools Integrating Risk MAP Products by John Ingargiola, El, CBO, CFM, FEMA

Concurrent Session F - Thursday

F2 - National Weather Service Flood Risk Enhancements by Victor Hom, National Weather Service
F3 - Floodplain Management Before and After a Catastrophic Flood Event by David K. Stall, CFM, City of Shoreacres, Texas
F4 - Nonstructural Flood Risk Reduction: A Digital Process by MJ Harden; USACE
F4 - Potomac River Waterfront, Flood Mitigation Study, City of Alexandria, VA by Mary E. Roman, P.E., CFM, URS
F5 - Identifying and Evaluating Levee Improvement Alternatives - The City of West Sacramento by Michael J. Vecchio, P.E., HDR, Inc.
F5 - Corps of Engineers Periodic Levee Inspections by Jon Keeling, P.E., CFM, Stantec Consulting Services, Inc.; Jim Martell, P.G., USACE
F6A - From Concept to Reality - WARD's Stormwater Floodplain Simulation System by Mark Walton, CFM, National Weather Service 
F6B - Garnett Regional Detention Facility: A Success Story in Managing NAI with Competing Interest by Brandon Claborn, P.E., CFM, Meshek & Associates, PLC

Concurrent Session G - Thursday

G3 - Oil and Gas Floodplain Regulation by Amy Brandley, CFM, Canadian County, OK
G4 - Mitigation Planning Workshop For Preparing and Reviewing Local and Tribal Plans by Diana Coho, CFM, FEMA
G8 - Digital Flood Insurance Rate Map Panel Management Module by Katherine Hermann, CFM, Ken Logsdon Jr., Dewberry

Concurrent Session H - Thursday

H1 - Integration of Flood Protection and Spatial Planning in the Odra River Basin by Janusz Zaleski, PhD, WARR Wroclaw and Wroclaw Institute of Meteorology & Water Management
H1 - Watershed - Level, Regional Flood Risk Management Team: Collaborative Risk Reduction by Bruce Munholand P.E., PMP, USACE
H7 - Dynamic Floodways: Accounting for Both Storage and Conveyance by Jose Maria Guzman, P.E., Gaston Cabanilla, P.E., CFM, CDM 

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