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ASFPM NFPPR 2007 - Table of Contents

Preface and Dedication



  • Where does floodplain management stand in 2007?
  • How did we get here?
  • What's different about today's world?
  • Where do we go from here?

No Adverse Impacts and Community Resilience

Partnerships and Incentives

  • Federal Role
  • Risk Awareness and Individual Accountability
  • State and Local Capability
  • Coordination, Oversight, and Evaluation of Programs
  • Funding Mechanisms


  • National Interest

Management of Natural Floodplain Functions and Resources

Data and Technology

  • Gathering and Storing Data
  • Data for Local Mitigation Plans
  • Number of At-risk Structures
  • Hydrology
  • River Discharge
  • Sharing Information

Flood Mapping

  • Revisions and Amendments to Flood Maps
  • Future Conditions
  • Areas Subject to Special Hazards
  • Maps and Structural Projects
  • Engineering
  • Adoption of New Technologies

Mitigation of Flood Losses

  • Nonstructural Measures
  • Structural Measures
  • Mitigation Support Systems

Agricultural Policies

Arid Regions Hazards, Resources, and Issues

  • Arid Regions Science
  • Arid Regions Risk Identification
  • Arid Regions Risk Management

Coastal Hazards, Resources, and Issues

  • Cost of Coastal Hazards
  • Protecting Coastal Populations
  • Coastal Resources
  • Coastal Development and Construction
  • Flood Maps for Coastal Areas
  • Public Policy Documents

Special Flood-Related Hazards

  • Mapping of Special Hazards
  • Management of Special Hazards

Infrastructure and Public Buildings

  • Construction of New Buildings and Infrastructure
  • Evaluation of Existing Infrastructure and Public Buildings
  • Roads, Bridges, and Railroads
  • Post-Disaster Recovery
  • Federal Investment in Infrastructure: Executive Order 11988

Disaster Management and Assistance

  • Public Assistance after Disaster
  • Improving Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • Flood Forecasting and Warning
  • Flood Response
  • The Response Recovery Continuum
  • Emergency Management Assistance Compact

Flood Insurance

  • Land Management / Flood Insurance Interaction
  • Flood Insurance Premium Discounts
  • Repetitive Losses
  • Increased Cost of Compliance Insurance
  • Residual Risk of Dams and Levees
  • Increasing the Number of Flood Insurance Policies




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