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CFM Exam Calendar

Exam Schedule

This is a schedule of exams for the ASFPM Floodplain Manager (CFM) certification. You must apply to ASFPM at least two weeks in advance to take the exam. Use these application forms to apply for this exam.


April 23, 2014Montpelier, VTRebecca Pfeiffer, CFM
May 2, 2014Lake Charles, LATerry Hawes, CFM
May 2, 2014Golden, COJamie Prochno, CFM
May 9, 2014Forsyth, GATom Shillock, CFM
May 9, 2014Carson City, NVPeter Jackson, CFM
May 14, 2014Tucson, AZLynn Thomas, CFM
May 16, 2014Lincroft, NJJennifer DiLorenzo, CFM
May 19, 2014Phoenix, AZLynn Thomas, CFM
May 19, 2014Fairfax, VAMark Hoskins, CFM
May 23, 2014Biloxi, MSAlex Finch, CFM
May 30, 2014Pensacola, FLJuan Lemos, CFM
June 2, 2014Seattle, WA

Anita Larson

June 6, 2014Seattle, WAAnita Larson
June 11, 2014Clearwater, FLSally Cook, CFM
June 20, 2014Orlando, FLRichard Howard, CFM
July 18, 2014Wye Mills, MDKevin Wagner, CFM
July 25, 2014Jefferson City, MOKaren McHugh, CFM
August 8, 2014Murfreesboro, TNCindy Popplewell, CFM
August 29, 2014Key Largo, FLBrian Corcoran, CFM
September 20, 2014Port Charlotte, FLHoyie Hague, CFM
November 7, 2014Jefferson City, MOKaren McHugh, CFM
November 21, 2014Live Oak, FLTimothy Sagul, CFM
OthersTo be determined/scheduled

Anita Larson

Exams may be added to this schedule at any time. If you wish to become a CFM, but there is not an exam scheduled in your area, please contact your ASFPM State Chapter or your NFIP State Coordinator to request that the exam be offered in your area.

Floodplain Manager Certifications Provided By Others

This certification is granted directly by a state, ASFPM chapter, state agency, or state or regional association that has been accredited by the ASFPM Certification Board of Regents (CBOR) in accordance with the ASFPM CBOR Charter. This certification, although issued by the appropriate state or other entity, is entitled to include a statement that it is "ASFPM-accredited."

Any person wishing to become a Certified Floodplain Manager should first seek an ASFPM-accredited certification program in the state in which he or she works or resides. If none is available, then that person may apply for ASFPM Certification. The list of Accredited Entities is shown below with a link directly to their website certification information.

Six states have their own CFM exams. If you live in one of the following states, please follow the link to your chapter's site for more information.

Arkansas | Illinois | New Mexico | North Carolina | Oklahoma | Texas

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