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The Association of State Floodplain Managers (ASFPM) was founded in 1977 by professionals in state government. As is true of many organizations, the reasons for founding the ASFPM are centered in its goals and objectives.

  1. To provide national representation for state and local Flood Hazard professionals with regard to policies and actions occurring in areas of flood hazard management;

  2. To facilitate cooperation and exchange of information among state, local, federal and private sector officials on innovative ideas and trends in floodplain management, and;

  3. To provide a forum for the education of those involved in floodplain management.

Every existing state association was formed for the same general purposes. And that leads us to our main topic:


Forming a State Association is not an easy task. You will run into many road blocks and dead ends, but the benefits far outweigh the frustrations. Let's look at the benefits of a State Association:

  • members can gain a better perception of the state's floodplain management efforts and can develop a more cooperative and harmonious relationship through participation in association activities.

  • expedites the process of gathering and dispersing current and new information to intelligently and efficiently conduct the business of floodplain management.

  • brings together those individuals who are experiencing the same types of problems in dealing with floodplain management, and provides them with a variety of possible solutions to their problems.

  • gives its members the ability to transmit a uniform position on current concerns, rule changes, local programs, and other issues impacting floodplain management.

  • gives its members one loud voice to communicate the collective views of the communities to the state legislature.

  • promotes fellowship between groups and individuals which, on the job, may represent opposing viewpoints, leading to negotiation on issues regarding floodplain management, not deadlock.

  • provides collective input to state legislators interested in or proposing legislation regarding floodplain management issues.

  • provides a means to address specific flood hazard issues unique to each state.

  • provides for a unified leadership role in future floodplain/ flood mitigation activities in each state.

  • provides a unified state voice on National Flood Insurance Program issues.

  • provides a means to broaden the public's awareness of the state's flood hazards.

This list was compiled from comments provided by members of associations in those states which have put forth the effort to form State Floodplain Management Associations. They know firsthand the benefits that your state can receive by forming a State Association, as they have reaped them already and are sure they will enjoy many more in the future.


While there is no blueprint or "How To" book to use to shape a state association, here are a few helpful hints which may assist you, gathered from the current State Associations.

  1. Assemble a nucleus group of statewide individuals committed to sound floodplain management.

  2. Determine a central focus and purpose for existence.

  3. Publish a newsletter and/or other publications to keep your members informed.

  4. Hold at least one conference or workshop annually, addressing the specific concerns of the membership (preferably more).

  5. Prepare a constitution and bylaws and have them signed, dated, and notarized. Many of our ASFPM state Chapters have theirs posted on their websites.

  6. Get your Association incorporated in your state (generally through the state's Secretary of State office).
  7. Consult legal counsel with nonprofit experience and check the rules and regulations for organizations particular to your state.

  8. Review the links to formation resources found here.

For more information on forming a state association, please email Chapters.


Thirty six floodplain management associations are currently state chapters of ASFPM. The Chapters and Associations page shows which states have an ASFPM chapter and provides links to the chapter websites.


Does your State Association have as its main purposes:

  • the promotion of the common interest in flood damage abatement

  • statewide membership

  • a general election of officers

  • regular meetings (at least one/year)

  • membership representing no fewer than 25 OR 10% of the communities in the state participating in the National Flood Insurance Program

  • a minimum of 25 members

  • support of a variety of floodplain management activities

Then you may qualify to join as a State Chapter of the Association of State Floodplain Managers, Inc.

To apply, email Chapters to request a chapter application. Your State Association must submit evidence of the above qualifications in writing, along with your constitution, bylaws and membership list, to ASFPM. Following verification that the requirements are met, the Board of Directors may then grant chapter membership to your State Association at their next scheduled meeting.

The membership fee for chapters is $300 per year.

For more information on becoming a State Chapter of ASFPM, please email Chapters.

This page last updated July 7, 2014.

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