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Kait Laufenberg, CFM
Training & Chapter Coordinator
575 D'Onofrio Dr
Madison, WI 53719
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ASFPM Training Modules

Building Public Support for Floodplain Management (BPS)

Building public understanding and support is vital to the success of floodplain management; this course is presented as a toolkit for Floodplain Managers on how to achieve this goal. This highly interactive, activity-driven workshop will cover how to educate and enlist the support of the public, local officials, the media, and policy makers in support of good floodplain management practices. Training will include hands-on practice with the tools introduced. BPS is offered as a 4 hour workshop. This workshop is for floodplain managers of any experience level.

Floodplain Management 101 (FPM 101)

FPM 101 covers the basic tenets of the NFIP and the minimum administrative requirements to successfully implement a community FPM program. Participants will learn the fundamentals of individual and local responsibilities for managing flood risks and loss through proper permitting and planning. Unit modules are designed to be presented either individually or in combination. Each module averages 1-2 hours in length, or as a two-day workshop if all modules are presented together. This workshop is targeted at new floodplain
managers with less and two years of experience. Modules: NFIP Basics, Maps & Flood Insurance Studies, The Floodplain Manager's Role,
NFIP Compliance, The Future of Floodplain Management, and Flood Insurance.

CFM® Refresher Course

The CFM® Exam measures knowledge of a community's responsibilities under the NFIP and related floodplain management topics. For those preparing to take the CFM® Exam, this course is a one day refresher study workshop. This course should supplement a solid base of experience in the field of floodplain management, reading, and self study methods in preparation to take the National CFM® exam. This full-day review is not a replacement for studying, participants should not expect to complete this workshop and pass the CFM® Exam without additional study. This workshop is targeted at seasoned professionals with more than two years of experience who have read FEMA 480 and have studied the materials on the CFM® Exam Prep guide from ASFPM's website prior to attending.

FEMA Advanced Training Modules (G - Level)

  FEMA's Advanced Training Modules - descriptions, how to get access

EMI Course Vacancies

   EMI FY2012 Course Vacancies

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